What is phantom pain?

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Phantom pain is pain you feel when you have an amputated limb. Phantom pain is most common 3-6 months after surgery. There are cures for phantom pain one called the mirror therapy. A lot of doctors thought phantom pain was a psychological problem but experts now know that all comes from the brain and the spinal cord.
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What is a phantom?

"The Phantom" is a cartoon strip written and illustrated by Lee Falk .

How does mirror therapy work in managing phantom pain?

On a basic level:. Mirror therapy takes advantage of neuroplasticity. Phantom limb pain arises when the brain believes that the limb is stuck in an uncomfortable position but

You have savere phantom pain from brachial plexus injury any help would be appreiciated?

yes, phantom syndrome is common in brachial plexus it's like you do not feel the injured area as if the body parts affected ( shoulder,arm,fingers etc.) doesnt exist but it de

What is the cause of phantom pain?

There are three different theories that people used to explain phantom pains 1) Stress and shock in the body caused phantom pains, along with ghosts. This theory was abando

What symptoms of phantom limb do not cause pain?

Nonpainful sensations may include changes in temperature, itching, tingling, shock-like sensations, or perceived motion of the phantom limb. The limb may feel as if it is retr

What type of pain does phantom limb syndrome cause?

Painful sensations include burning, throbbing, or stabbing in nature. Touching the remaining stump may elicit sensations from the phantom. The quality of the pain may change o

Where does phantom limb pain occur in the body?

The abnormal "phantom" sensations and pain are usually located in the distal parts of the missing limb. Pain and tingling may be felt in the fingers and hand, and in the lower

Is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome the same as phantom pain?

No, phantom pain is the feeling of pain in a body part that has been amputated or removed surgically. (You feel pain in a limb that was removed, hence, phantom pain) Comple
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Is ghost like a phantom pain?

Yes, ghost is like a phantom pain because it is the past memory of a real or imagined person but seen, heard or felt in the present as ghost. It is like experiencing pain in t