What is teen pregnancy?

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When a teen, a girl from 13-19yo, is pregnant.
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Is teen pregnancy different from adult pregnancy?

yes because in teen pregnancys you could have more complacations during the pregnancy and the birth because a teens body is still improving and they are still having unprot

What is teen pregnancy mandatory reporting?

Licensed professionals have mandatory reporting procedures which must be followed. An underage teen who discusses abortion with a counselor and does not want her parents to kn

What do you do about teen pregnancy?

It is much to personal a question to be generalized in to just one answer. There are many options for pregnant teens. You have to make the best decision for you and your futur

What does teen pregnancy do to you?

The above answer is a bit harsh. It is not ideal to be pregnant while unmarried, but do not give up! You can always look forward to attempt marrying, but if that does not work

Why teen pregnancies is risk for teen?

The amount of time, dedication and responsibility it takes for ateen to take care of a baby is overwhelming and the majority arenot able to make it alone. Teens should be able

How does teen pregnancy affect the teen life?

Teen pregnancy change both a male and female teen... Pregnancy and birth can cause slot of stress and may cause you relationship with boyfriend or girlfriend to end. Pregnancy

Why is teen pregnancy important for teens in school?

Education about teen pregnancy is vital in order to avoid it. Contraceptives should always be used in order to stop pregnancy unless the parents have a detailed life plan for

What is different about a teen pregnancy and an adult pregnancy?

Teen pregnacy is unwanted.there are so many more possibly educational things a girl could be doing than raising a child.How ever,even though a girl gets pregnany over the age

Does teen pregnancy cause teen stress?

teens already have enough hormones as it is and then getting pregnant that's waaaay more hormones raging out of control. and carrying around another little person is very stre