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HPTA is Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Testes-Axis this is the endocrine primary androgen and testosterone making area for males, simply put the pituitary gland (anterior) releases to gonadal hormones LH (Luteinizing Hormone) and (FSH) Follicle Stimulating Hormone) these two are released into the blood stream and when they reach the testicles the tell the Leydig cells in the testicles to produce Testosterone.
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What is functionalism?

functionalism is the theory that everything has a function or a purpose; the theory shows believes that society is based on consencus (agreement/togetherness) A society is a series of institutions. A change in one institution will affect or even change all of the other institutions.

What is Function?

1. An action performed by a device , department , or person that produces a result . Function remains more or less fixed whereas the purpose (which indicates intention or objective ) generally changes . For example, the function of a hammer is to strike something nearby whereas its purpose (what to strike and why) could be anything the hammer-wielder has in mind. 2. Mathematics: A mathematical relationship in which a quantity ( dependent variable ) depends on or is determined by another quantity ( independent variable ) or quantities . The dependent variable is said to be a function of the independent variable(s). If something is done, or something happens, to the independent variable(s), it is reflected in the dependent variable. See link below

What is a function?

A function is a rule which relates the values of one variable quantity to the values of another variable quantity, and does so in such a way that the value of the second variable quantity is uniquely determined by (i.e. is a function of ) the value of the first variable quantity. A simpler answer A function is the same as the word "use". The function of a car is to transport people. The use of a car is to transport people. The function of a knife is to cut things. You use a knife to cut things. Answer definite purpose What is the structure supposed to do? What was it designed for? 1. ) z^8 + i*z^4 -1 =0 2. ) z* (zconjugated) - 3* (z- zconjugated) = 2+ 3*i

What is functionality?

Functionality is defined as being the state or quality offunctioning. When talking about computers or video gamesfunctionality is used to describe the capabilities that areassociated with the software or hardware for the computer.

What are functions?

Functions refer to duties, responsibilities or obligations of aparticular person or thing. The functions of the president andother public officers are defined by the constitution.

What are the functions of IT?

The primary duties of the IT department in an organisation are to:. Provide the organisation with the data storage and processing systems it needs to support and develop its operations.. To keep the system up-to-date in response to changes of personnel, organisation, the law, statutory instruments (eg tax regulations). To ensure the software used is appropriate, legal and reliable.. To install and maintain the appropriate hardware and networks.. To develop data communications with outside users (eg the internet, banks, suppliers, customers). To train users in the use of the software and hardware.. To ensure compliance with legislation on computer design and usage, data protection. etc. To ensure that the system and data can be fully restored in the event of a system failure. (ie arrange data backup). To carry out risk analyses and take appropriate steps to deal with any perceived risk such as fire, vandalism, hacking, etc

What is functionalization?

Functionalization is the addition of functional groups onto the surface of a material by chemical synthesis methods. The functional group added can be subjected to ordinary synthesis methods to attach virtually any kind of organic compound onto the surface.

What is the function of function generator?

function generator generates different types of functions to cro. And it can send analog signals to cro to create their graphical representation, and by it we can vary frequency and amplitude of the given wave function

How do you get a function of a function?

A function is a mapping from one set of numbers (domain) to another(range). The mapping need not be linear: it can be any mathematical function. That is, for everynumber in the domain the function provides a rule which allows youto calculate another number. If, then, you devise another function which is a mapping from therange of the first function to some other set, you have a functionof a function. For example, suppose the first function, f, is "add 1" and thesecond function, g, is "square the number." Then the function g of f = g[f(x)] = g[x+1] = [x+1] 2 = x 2 + 2x+ 1 however, note that f of g = f[g(x)] = f[x 2 ] = x 2 + 1 This illustrates that f of g is not the same as g of f.

Example of a function that has no inverse function?

y = sin x is such a function. It has an inverse, of course; but the inverse, sin -1 , strictly speaking, is not a function. Example: Given that x = pi/6, y must equal 0.5. However, given that y = 0.5, x can equal pi/6, 5 pi/6, 13 pi/6, 17 pi/6, or an infinity of values, both positive and negative. For y to be a function of x , and x to be, also, a function of y , there must be exactly one value of y that answers to a given value of x , and vice-versa . Then, and only then, is each function the inverse of the other.

Is recursive function a repeating function?

A recursive function does have an element of repetition. However, it should never repeat its actions verbatim - or this would create an infinite recursion. A recursive function has one or more base cases - where the function simply returns a value. A recursive function also has one or more recursive cases - where the function calls itself with a different ("smaller") input, and may combine the results of these calls. Please see the related links for further discussion.

What is the function of the second conditional function?

A conditional function, such as the IF, is used when you have two options, like either Pass or Fail in an exam. When you have more than two options, like if an exam can have several different grading categories (Fail, Pass, Merit, Distinction), then you will need more that one conditional function, and they are nested. So the second conditional function is checking another possibility. As a general rule, you always need one less condition than the amount of options. So when there are two possibilities, you need one condition. If it is not the first option, then there is only one possible option left so it not necessary to check for the second option. If it is not pass, it must be fail so there is no need to carry out a second check to see if it is a fail. So if it is just pass or fail, and your mark is in A3, then you need one IF as follows: =IF(A3>=40%,"Pass","Fail") You are using a process of elimination. If you had four options, then you'd only need to check for three conditions, and if it is not one of the first three, then it has to be the fourth. Note too, that you don't have to check the lower and upper boundary, as the previous condition will have eliminated it. =IF(A3>=80%,"Distinction", IF(A3>=60%,"Merit", IF(A3>=40%, "Pass","Fail"))) In the above, for the Merit we don't have to check if is equal 60% or more and also check if it is less than 80%, as the first condition has already checked for figures of 80% or more, so anything now of 60% or more, has to be less than 80%. Note the 3 brackets at the end, because there are 3 IFs and they are nested.

What is the function of the if function?

The "if" function evaluates an expression to either true or false.(In most systems, a value of zero equates to false, and anynon-zero value to true.) If the expression is true, then thefollowing command(s) is/are performed. If the expression is false,then no action is taken. For example: . if (1+1=2) then print "Hey, that was easy!" . if (2+2=5) then print "This will never happen."

What is functioning?

We need more information to answer this question, but since you placed it in "conditions and diseases," perhaps you are asking about a person who is basically getting by and managing to function (to eat, to sleep, to speak, to understand questions that are asked) but not necessarily feeling very well. Sometimes, the organs of the body are said to be functioning if they are working properly, as they are supposed to. Or you may hear that someone is a "functioning alcoholic"-- this means the person does in fact have a major drinking problem but during work hours, he or she is able to go to work and get their job done on a basic level; or they can put aside certain periods of time for doing things that seem normal, even if the majority of their free time is spent drinking.

When is it not a function?

A function is not a function if it passes through the vertical linetest more than once, and it is not linear or a quadratic.