What is the aid given to fracture?

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Splint the fracture in the position found.
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What are the types of financial aid that is given?

Answer . \nThere are many types of financial aid. To apply for financial aid you want to fill out a form called the FAFSA. You can do this online or get a paper copy from the college you wish to attend or you high school guidance counselor. You must fill this out between January 1, 2007 and I (MORE)

What is fracture?

Mineralogically speaking, fracture means the characteristicappearance of the surface of a freshly broken mineral or rock. Itcan also mean the manner in which a mineral or rock naturallybreaks. Synonyms of fracture include, but are notlimited to: splinter, smash, split, rupture, and shatter. (MORE)

What are two names given to AIDS before it was called AIDS?

HTLA and GRID--- the difference was that a french team of doctors and an American team of doctors were both doing research using a different name for the same disease. The American doctor published first and aids became HIV. Actually, the first name given to AIDS was "4 H disease" or the "scarlet (MORE)

What medicine is given for AIDS?

There are a number of medications that are used to treat HIV. Among them are: . AZT . Sustiva . Norvir . Epivir . Atripla . Fuzeon . Lexiva . Videx

What first aid is required for a compound fracture?

A compound fracture is generally spoken of as a broken bone that has been shifted enough that part of the bone has broken through the skin and is "sticking out" to be visible. Kinda yucky, but that description is the key to diagnosis. It's hard to miss. There are two issues to balance when aiding a (MORE)

First aid for fracture?

Wrap it up tightly and call 911. If you don't have a phone limp to a nearby place. Remember that First Aid is all about stabilization and transport -- we aren't going to actually treat a leg fracture in the field. That said... Check patient for airway, breathing, cardiac, bleeding, and determine (MORE)

What is the first aid for a leg fracture?

Remember that First Aid is all about stabilization and transport -- we aren't going to actually treat a leg fracture in the field. That said... . Check patient for airway, breathing, cardiac, bleeding, and determine if the fracture is compound. . If compound apply a dressing to the wound and cont (MORE)

First aid for fractures?

Call 911 and let the EMS folks take care of fractures. Unless absolutely required, do not move patient yourself. If you must move patient, immobilize the broken limb, BUT DO NOT TRY TO RESET THE BREAK!!!

What is First aid for minor fracture?

If is a hairline fracture of the a forearm bone (radius or ulna) for instance, then splinting/casting may be all that is needed - in order to allow for safe healing to occur (no pain from muscular movements in the arm, and minimal arm movements so as not to allow for further damage, while healing).A (MORE)

What is the first aid for bone fracture?

Answer: Remember that First Aid is all about stabilization and transport -- we aren't going to actually treat a serious fracture in the field. That said... . Check patient for airway, breathing, cardiac, bleeding, and determine if the fracture is compound. . If compound apply a dressing to the wo (MORE)

Aid that need to be given cuts and burns?

Cuts - It is treated by applying pressure (manually and later with a pressure bandage) to the wound site and elevating the limb if possible. Burns - This can result in damage to tissues and loss of body fluids through the burn site. A cream (which is in the First aid box) is put on a burn (MORE)

Why is foreign aid given?

Foreign aid is initially provided for short term aid inemergencies. The goal of foreign aid is to help make peopleself-sufficient and able to take care of themselves.

When can first aid be given?

when the casulty gives consent. when consent is implied they ask you to help them. they are uncocnious even if before they refused your help you can now help them!

The most important rule in first aid for fractures?

In case of fracture the 1st rule of thumb is to take caution "not to cause any more damage to the fractured bone" . hence it must be checked that the Broken part should not be moved or allowed to move no matter what. when bones get fractured it implicit a severe pain. so the patient should be gi (MORE)

Aid that should given for burns?

run cool water over the effected area for at least 5 min or until the pain subsides . then dress with sterile gause bandage preferably burn dressings

What first aid given to a person having cuts?

Check them over, find all the open areas, if the cuts are superficial clean them up. Preferably with Normal Saline, you can add antibiotic ointment and cover with guaze if you think the wound needs it. Otherwise just be sure to keep the wound clean to prevent infection. If the cuts aren't superficia (MORE)

What is a fracture?

Literally means "break". In geology it can be a tension-crack by dessication or tectonic forces in a sediment or precipitation-formation; or a cooling-contraction crack in igneous rock (think Giant's Causeway). It can also be a Fault - a major cross-formation break with accompanying displacement o (MORE)

What does a compound fracture need after first aid is administered?

A compound fracture (also known as an open fracture) is one which the bone protrudes the skin. The danger here is infection so you need to cover the wound to prevent infection, immobilise the area and call for help. There is not much else you can do in a first aid capacity until an ambulance arrives (MORE)

What first aid is given burns?

For first and second degree burns(redness and blisters), you can run the burn under cool water. You can also apply an ice pack or some Aloe Vera gel/spray. For third and electrical burns(charred/burned skin), you call 911. Then you cover the burn with a sterile bandage. DO NOT apply ointments, gels, (MORE)

Has Fiji or haiti been given more aid money?

Unlike elsewhere, natural disaster such as tropical cyclone is common all over the south pacific. Australia & New Zealand are the only south pacific countries who give and lend a hand to other south seas island state in any disaster. Haiti received more funds not only from Canada and the States but (MORE)

Why should development aid be given to poorer countries?

Because, even if you don't care about the well being of people in other country's you are vying for their support in the world in competition with other country's. If one of your competitors on the world market makes an impression on a poor country and starts to use that country's position militaril (MORE)

What first aid is given for choking?

There is a technique called the Heimlich maneuver, which is done by standing behind the person who is choking and rapidly pushing upward and inward on the diaphragm or lower stomach area, in order to drive air through the throat and dislodge whatever object is causing the choking.

Why should first aid treatment be given to someone who has had an accident?

First aid should be given in an effort to prevent further injury.If the injury from the accident is relatively small, first aid maywork as a final fix. For a larger injury, basic first aid can helpto forestall further injuries. For these larger injuries, theinjured party should visit a hospital to e (MORE)

Why should first aid be given?

First aid is given for three main reasons: 1. To sustain life. 2. To prevent the condition from worsening. 3. To promote recovery. First aid forms an important part in the chain of medical care. First aid is referred to as the aid given before the arrival of medical or ambulance aid. A first aider (MORE)

What first aid should be given to a person?

It depends on what injury a person has received (ie. medical or trauma). It also depends on the skills and qualifications of the First Aider. Below are some examples of when First Aid can be given: . Asthma. . Heart Attack (Acute Myocardial Infarction). . Seizures. . Hypothermia. . Diabetes. (MORE)

Why should first aid be given to someone?

first aid should be givin when it is needed. it can be as simple as a band-aid or stabilising a person till the ambulance comes. it is a very important skill to have.

What first aid should be given for frostbite?

Protect your skin from further exposure. If you're outside, warm frostbitten hands by tucking them into your armpits. Protect your face, nose or ears by covering the area with dry, gloved hands. Don't rub the affected area and never rub snow on frostbitten skin. . Get out of the cold. Once you're (MORE)

What aid should be given for food poisning?

I work at Milton keynes loacal centre and we just advise mints and iron bru they both contain bicobinate of soda so they fizz away the food poisning.If that dosnt work please pay your GP a visit

What humanitarian aid has been given by the mormon's?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) has over 9,000 welfare and humanitarian service missionaries serving in about 170 countries worldwide. Between 1985 and 2010, the Church donated over a Billion US dollars to humanitarian needs. Humanitarian services are mostly giv (MORE)

What kind of first aid is given to victims of jellyfish stings?

The three goals of first aid for uncomplicated stings are toprevent injury to rescuers, deactivate the nematocysts , and remove tentacles attached to thepatient. Vinegar (3-10% aqueous acetic acid ) may be used as a common remedy tohelp with box jellyfish stings.Clearing the area of jelly, ten (MORE)

What is fractured?

The term refers to something snaped /broken i.e. a fractured arm isin fact a break in one of the bones. It also refers to any soliditem that breaks. i.e a bridge support may, under certainsituations fracture (break)