What is the best color eyeshadow to use with brown greenish eyes?

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eyeshadow for green or blue shaded eyes I would say a copper brown tone on the whole lid with maybe a darker brown in the crease.. My eyes are green and sometimes green/brown or green/blue or just blue any shade of brown makes these colors pop in eyes.   Great question! We all want a little sparkle and color to compliment our eyes, but greenish brown is a difficult color to compliment sometimes! I would suggest if you wanna play up the green, a soft green is the best way to go! A light, pear green is good for a soft day color. A darker, forest green would look great and mysterious! Also, purples look good on brownish green eyes. A plum purple is a great color! If I were you, I would check out the Bring It Out collection by Almay! If you have greenish brown eyes, choose either the Bring Out The Green or Bring Out The Brown collection. Either is sure to compliment you pretty eyes!
I have green/brown eyes and find that plum,purple and pink colours really bring out the green, while blues really made them look browner.   Plum purple or green would work really well you could use those as eyeliner colours too
i have brown/green eyes and i find brown doesnt look any good at all. Blue, green and purple looks good depending on your skin colour. Pink doesnt look any good either.  answer: you shouldn't use really any eyeshadow that are in the same colours as your eyes as it can make them look smaller, but good colours would be pinks, peaches, golds and purples also cream colours. these all make your eyes stand out and will bring out the colour of your eyes.  answer: like a russett brown is really good for brown/ green eyes. Metallic khaki colours also look really good, but not if you put on too much, you don't want to look strange
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How do you apply eyeshadow to dark brown eyes?

If you have dark eyes you do not want to use dark eyeshadow. Trysomething light, like pink or gold or silver or light blue orpurple. If you want your eyes to pop use dark eyeliner on the topand dark mascara with a light eyeshadow.

What is the best color of eyeshadow for blue eyes?

First, never use a blue shadow. Stick with coffee colors and browns, but don't go chocolate. Answer Your hair color also makes a difference. See below for best. Brown hair- Use a gentle pink, but do NOT go red or heavy, you will seem tired. Do a silver for night Blond hair- Light cocoa (MORE)

What is the best color of eyeshadow for brown eyes?

Since brown eyes are, well, brown, they would stand out best in semi-dark to dark colors like black, dark gray, or brown. On sunny days, pick a dark yellow shadow to make your eyes shine (glitter eyeshadows rock!). For an added effect, pair it with eyeliner or mascara. - - - - - The nice thing (MORE)

What color eyeshadow best goes on brown eyed girls?

Girls with brown eyes suit most shades of eyeshadow. . Just be careful when using brown, that its not the same brown as your eyes. This can look very overpowering or dull. However, a contrasting shade of brown can really highlight your eyes and add more sparkle to them. Violets, dark blues, and gol (MORE)

What color contacts lenses are best for brown eyes?

try fresh look colorblends for a drastic change try the gray, blue or turquoise. for more subtle change try the green, brown (i know you have brown eyes but if they are a almost black brown color the brown color will actually lighten your eyes a bit) or hazel. i think the green looks the best (MORE)

What is the best eyeshadow color for a girl with brown-blonde hair and hazel eyes?

With your eye color there are quite a few colors that will look good. I have hazel eyes as well, and I find that purple...or lilac is very pretty. It really makes your eyes pop! It also brings out the viriety of colors in your iris. Green: Green will bring out the green colors. use a sparkly dark (MORE)

What color eyeshadow goes with blue eyes?

The right shadow colour for your eye colour Blue eyes - Try silver or minx for very different looks. Also light brown (taupe), violet, fudge, bronze and gold are good too. Green eyes - Try a bright light green or lilac and dark green. Also plums and purples, golds and browns are good too. Bro (MORE)

If you have brown hair and blue eyes what color looks best on you?

I think blue-eyed brunettes look gorgeous in a light sky blue, one that brings out the blue in their eyes. Whites, pale greens and other pale cool colors also look fabulous. However, personal taste is first, so find what suits you. Edit: It depends on the exact shade of brown, but with my (medium (MORE)

What color eyeshadow looks best with amber eyes and dark brown hair?

I think a soft creamy coral color all over the lid with a dark brown in the crease and a vanilla color as a highlight on the brow bone looks great with amber eyes and especially brown hair. You can buy the Almay eyeshadow sets for specific eye colors at any drugstore and they all look very nice. :) (MORE)

What color of Eyeshadow should you use if you have brown hair with some light blond highlights and a eye color that has all of the colors in them and freckled pale skin?

Dark grey eye shadow on the grease and outer corner of eyes and silver toward the inside corner; this will really bring out your eyes, make them look lighter. =] Brown/gold/tan eyeshadow and use a fading technique will make your eyes pop, and for lips, although you didnt ask, use a nude lip glos (MORE)

What eyeshadow color do you use on hazel eyes?

Green used to be the traditional colour used, but todays make up has changed to more natural and sutle looking so earch tones bronze, brown beige are all good. Even purple seems to be good or the smoky eyes will suit depends on the occasion

Which eyeshadow colors go with which color eyes?

Whatever Makes You Happy Is Best But In General....-For Blue: Any Neutral, Browns, Golds, Silvers, and Bronze-For Green: Purples and Plums are the Best, Neutrals are good also, -For Brown: Brown Eyes can wear practically any color but Blues and Light Pinks Work Best -For Hazel: Greens!!!!!

What color looks best on you if you have blue eyes and brown hair?

This all depends on your skin color, how bright, soft, or dark your eyes are, and how rich your hair color is. Pinks look best I have blue eyes and brown hair Pink looks stunning! If you have: Bright blue eyes and brown hair that is a medium yet rich shade, and if your skin is light, you will mo (MORE)

What color eyeshadow looks best with green eyes?

try varying shades of green, gold, brown, and gray. use at least 2 shadows to make the look more interesting. ex: try a mossy green on the outer half of eye, and a shimmery gold on the inner half of eye. purples will work nicely with green eyes too.

What color eyeshadow compliments hazel eyes?

Almost any color of eyeshadow will compliment hazel eyes because of the different colored flecks in it. Neutral colors like browns and gold will play up the beautiful earth tones in your eyes. If you are looking to really bring out the greens and browns in your eyes, a purple or pink color will make (MORE)

What is the best color for eyeshadow for brown eyes?

I have brown eyes and I've discovered a number of different colors that compliment brown eyes and make them pop. I've found that a light pink (of course blended with other shades of pink and a little brown) looks really pretty and compliments the brown eyes. Also, the Naked Smoky palette by Urban De (MORE)

What color eyeshadow should a 13 year old wear with brown eyes and Blonde Hair?

It depends on your eye color. - - - - - Someone with brown eyes can wear any shade of eye shadow but since you're so young, I would do something fairly neutral and I wouldn't use more than two shades. I'm using Maybelline's website for this. First, try Earthly Taupe from your lashline to your cr (MORE)

Can brown eyeshadow be used as a bronzer?

I suggest you use bronzer, it has more of a gold tint to it so it will be less harsh and easier to blend into your jaw line if you want full coverage, don't forget, you don't want to look like you're wearing a mask, your face may end up being darker than the rest of your body if you use brown eyesha (MORE)

What is the best eyeshadow color for a girl with brown-blonde hair and brown eyes?

Lucky for you, brown eyes look best in the most eyeshadow colours. But specifically, what looks the best on brown eyes is gold, green, and purple. On an everyday basis, I would recommend the gold. The best gold to wear is an antique gold, meaning one that has a green tone to it. I have one and I get (MORE)

What eyeshadow suits green brown eyes?

gold , smoky black and purple Answer.2. Okay green eyes you can stay more around the colour like actually using greens and golds , golds go well if many eye colours because it has that tinge to it that blends well. Right Brown eyes. My friend went to a beauty saloon and they told her that the bes (MORE)

Who has the best 88 color eyeshadow palette?

I've only tried Coastal Scents and Bh Cosmetics, but I like Coastal Scents better. They come from the same company, I think, but Bh Cosmetics' palette seems a lot more powdery. That also equals more fallout. Hope this helps!

What Is the Best Eyeshadow colors for Greyish-Blue eyes?

Since blue's complementary colour is orange (not that you really want to wear orange) the best neutral colour to wear is a coppery/orangy gold. Not really super intense, though, because your eyes aren't very intense, since they're greyish. Also, berry toned purples, meaning a redish purple. Purple i (MORE)

What are the best colors to match bright eyeshadow?

Makeup- Nude Lips and Lip Gloss, Light Pink/Peach Blush on apple of cheeks, light coat of foundation, NO Bronzer, Black Mascara, Black eyeliner if you wish Clothing- White jeans, Creme top, Creme Flats :)

What is the best eyeshadow color for hazel eyes?

I have hazel-ish eyes (mostly greenish gray) and I think I'm pretty good at applying makeup. Even if you are intimidated by the boldness of the color green, go for it! It perfectly flatters greenish-brown eyes! A sparkly, exotic green looks great, especially if you are brunette. Also, varying shade (MORE)

What color of eyeshadow looks good with brown eyes and brown hair?

I have brown hair and brown eyes and I wear a chocolate brown eye shadow that's kind of sparkly on just the lid. But if you want to go fancy wear the smoky look which is like you have gray, black and white eye shadow and you put a little line of white on the edge of the lid then fill the rest of the (MORE)

Are green eyeshadows good for brown eyes?

Depends, mostly if you have grey or light hazel eyes you would go for a green. Blue and Purple are really nice colors to help brown eyes stand out. I know, your probably like, Blue?! But actually blue really works nicely, if its not too light or not too dark.

How can one offset the color of eyes with eyeshadow?

To offset the color of eyes with eyeshadow depends on ones eye color. With blue eyes warm darker colors work best such as brown or peach to make the eye color stand out. With brown eyes more neutral colors work better.