What is the best home remedy to treat large kidney stones?

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This is what worked for me. In a blender mix aprox. 10 oz of cooked canned asparagus, 4 oz of lemon juice and 4 oz of olive oil, add distilled water until it is drinkable. Drink all of this with 2 ibuprofen and a massive amount of distilled water (2 liters) every four hours. It tastes horrible but it is better than staying up all night crying and bargaining with God. My experience with this was after about three hours the pain stopped and after the fourth glass I passed some nasty sludge and small gravel and the stone was gone. I've suffered stones for six years, hospitallized once (the first big one) and pass about two per year, the largest was 11mm and the average 6mm. The above mixture has worked as stated on my last two stones. I should note that this is for idiots like me without insurance, otherwise I strongly recommend going to the doctor. Good luck. Answer A herb called quebra-pedra. However, there are now available in conventional medicine non invasive systems as one in which you simply lie in a waterpool while an ultrasound wave brakes your stones without even noticing. Additional note: I just had the ESWL (shock wave) treatement and it was no picnic and I certainly experienced pain during this procedure. It is less invasive than the surgery but I wouldn't go into this thinking you don't feel pain! I am now searching/trying the natural remedy route to assist my stone (fragments I hope!) to move. Answer I would like first note that this will happen again without a change in life style. Kidney stones usually happen for three reasons:

  • Chronic dehydration (sodas do not count as drinking)
  • The body accumulates excess calcium in the kidneys, and possibly elsewhere, to defend itself against the acidosis caused by a poor diet.
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiency

Stones are formed as acid is neutralized. In a sense, it is like your body warning you that "paybacks are Hell". If you would like to fix it at home with the do-it-yourself approach, then the following should work for you within 24 hours.

Put the juice of several lemons in a blender, and add couple of small cups of water. Then add your (natural) sweetener of choice until it has an acceptable taste. Then add several tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. Next blend it thoroughly. Drink a small cup of this at least 3-to-4 times a day. Or mix 2 oz of olive oil and 2 oz of lemon juice, drink it straight down and follow with a large glass of water at the first sign of stone pain.
You should immediately begin supplementing your diet with magnesium and vitamin B6. This is a list of useful herbs (the source is in the related links):
  • Bearberry (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi)-Acts as a diuretic and antiseptic for the urinary tract.
  • Cleavers (Galium aparine)-Has a history of use in treatment of congestive kidney disorders, stones, and urinary infections.
  • Corn silk (Zea mays)-A soothing demulcent with mild diuretic properties.
  • Crampbark (Viburnum opulus)-Relaxes smooth muscle and is an antispasmodic.
  • Gravel root (Eupatorium purpureum)-Named for its traditional use as a treatment for stones and gravel of the kidneys.
  • Kava kava (Piper methysticum)-Has antianxiety and sedative qualities.
  • Khella (Ammi visnagi)-Has a long tradition in the treatment of kidney stones. Scientific research has demonstrated that the herb may work as a calcium channel blocker-type antispasmodic, which targets and relaxes ureter tissue. This may allow easier passage of small stones.
  • Seven barks (Hydrangea aborescens)-Has a sedative effect on the urinary system; used in the treatment of kidney stones.
  • Stone root (Collinsonia canadensis)-Strong diuretic with a history of use in acute and preventative treatment of kidney stones.
Answer There is a plant called Chanca Piedra (Phyllanthus niruri L.), also known as Stonebreaker, Quebra Piedra and Quiebra Prieda, that has been traditionally used in Alternative Medicine to remove stones in kidneys and gallbladder. The first medical effect on humans of Chanca Piedra, as a diuretic, was scientifically demonstrated in India in 1929. Since then, a tablet of Phyllanthus niruri L. has been sold as a diuretic in that country under the name of Punarnava.

Some people using this herb have reported notorious health improvements. In certain cases the stones were dissolved and expelled through the urinary system. Nonetheless, before using this herb learn more about its contraindications and potential reactions to other drugs. For extensive research-based information on this plant visit the link below under "Chanca Piedra."
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