What is the cause of too much iron in someone with Down syndrome?

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One of the suppositions as to why iron might be harmful is based on the fact that people with Down syndrome have an excess amount of superoxide dismutase (SOD) in their cells, due to the extra 21st chromosome.
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How does someone get down syndrome?

One doesn't "get" Down's Syndrome, it is a genetic anomaly. Predominantly, the older the mother, the more likely her child will develop Downs. Such children have similar features, such as ears too low, and tend to be clumsy and intellectually challanged. They also tend to be outwardly happy, and ver (MORE)

What are the causes of down syndrome?

Downs syndrome is in medical terms called Trisomy 21 as it is caused by a genetic defect in the 21st set of chromosome, usually you have 44 chromosomes - 22 from your mother and 22 from your father and a set of sex chromosomes (these are your male/female genes), if you have Down Syndrome you have an (MORE)

How many chromosomes are there in someone who has Down syndrome?

47 There are 47 chromosomes in someone with Down syndrome; the 21st pair has an extra chromosome. Most people have 46 chromosomes. Down syndrome is also known as "Trisomy 21" - a reference to the fact that someone with Down syndrome has 3 pairs of chromosomes on their 21st pair.

Causes Down Syndrome?

Having an extra copy of chromosome 21. You are supposed to have 2; when you have 3 (trisomy 21), Down's Syndrome is the result.

How does someone with Down syndrome get that extra chromosome?

During meiosis homologous chromosomes are separated and only one copy of each chromosome goes into the gamete. If they aren't separated correctly, both copies may go into the gamete. After fertilisation, the embryo will contain 3 copies of that chromosome. If this occurs with chromosome 21, it will (MORE)

What causes Patau syndrome and how does it differ from Down syndrome?

\n. \nPatau syndrome is a very rare syndrome caused by a problem in the chromosomes, the structures in the body's cells that contain DNA. The specific chromosomal problem in Patau syndrome is that the cells have three copies of chromosome 13, as opposed to the usual two copies in most people. Becau (MORE)

Can smoking cause Down syndrome?

No, Down syndrome is a genetic disorder , and occurs because of the presence of an extra chromosome, not due to smoking. The chances of a women giving birth to a Down syndrome baby increases with age.

Can too much iron in the blood cause headaches?

Not sure if that is a known side effect, but I have been on Foltrin for about 2 months now for anemia, and it is giving me killer headaches. I stopped taking it and going to my doctor tomorrow.

Can smoking cause downs syndrome?

No. However smoking during pregnancy can cause a number of other pregnancy complications. Women who smoke during pregnancy are at higher risk for ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, preterm labor, placental abruption, and stillbirth. Babies born to mothers who smoked during pregnancy have greater risk o (MORE)

What is Down Syndrome caused by?

Down Syndrome (aka trisomy 21) is caused when an extra chromosone number 21 is present. Normally, each cell in your body has two copies of each of the 44 regular chromosomes, one X and another X (in women) or a Y (in men). When sperm and eggs are formed these pairs line up and then are divided into (MORE)

What causes downs syndrome?

You cannot do anything to cause your child to have Down Syndrome, drinking,smoking etc in pregnancy does not cause this. Down is caused by a genetic oops where there is an extra chromosome. It is present from the time of conception. You cannot catch Down syndrome.

What causes Down Syndrome?

Down Syndrome (aka trisomy 21) is caused when an extra chromosone number 21 is present. Normally, each cell in your body has two copies of each of the 44 regular chromosomes, one X and another X (in women) or a Y (in men). When sperm and eggs are formed these pairs line up and then are divided in (MORE)

What is the cause of Down Syndrome during meiosis?

Down's Syndrome is caused due to the presence of an extra 21st chromosome, resulting in 3 sets of 21st chromosome instead of just 2. This is because during Anaphase II of Meiosis II non-disjunction occurs and instead of one 21st chromosome going into each gamete, both go into one of the gametes and (MORE)

Causes of down syndrome?

The cause of Down syndrome is one of three types of abnormal cell division involving chromosome 21. All three abnormalities result in extra genetic material from chromosome 21, which is responsible for the characteristic features and developmental problems of Down syndrome. The three genetic variati (MORE)

How can you tell if someone has Down syndrome?

you can tell because of their face and actions. their face might have slight differences that a normal face would. for example the eyes would be closer together and their face would be very flat. their posture would also tell.

Is Down syndrome caused by smoking and drinking?

no it's not caused by smoking or drinking it is caused by an extra Chromosone well an extra 21 chromosone . your suppose to have 23 pairs chromosones 23 from your dad 23 from your mom But down syndrome babies get 2 4 from one parent and 23 from another parent!!!!

What causes too much iron in your blood?

Haemochromatosis (see Wikipedia), liver diseases,... Mostly genetic, with certain racial proclivities, but most anaemias are actually iron-loading. Most males have too much iron in their blood, which is a factor conducive to heart attack. Probably, in robust times, bleeding wasn't always such a bad (MORE)

What is life like for someone with Down syndrome?

\nMost people who have Down Syndrome actually live healthy lives, yet they are more likely to get other types of diseases for example childhood leukemia, they can also have heart defects. So it not only may be hard for the person who has down syndrome but also the parent as well who has raised the (MORE)

What are the special needs of someone with Down syndrome?

I have a 4-year-old son with Down syndrome. "Special needs" is just a way of saying that the person with the disability will need extra attention in every aspect of their lives. For example, early intervention in babies and young children with "special needs" is always good. It helps them get sta (MORE)

Down syndrome caused by mutation?

uh... no not at all its a sort of mutation with the gene. the chromosones split up and the red ang green segmet of chromatids switch 1 chromatid

Explain the genetic cause of Down syndrome?

People with Down syndrome have an extra copy of chromosome 21 in every cell. Down syndrome most often occurs when chromosomes fail to separate properly during meiosis, when sex cells form. Hope this helps!!

Can addictive drugs cause Down syndrome?

Down Syndrome is a genetically-transmitted disease cause by the presence of part or all of an extra 21st chromosome. We can't blame this one on the drugs. However, drug use (incoluding alcohol) while pregnant could complicate the issue with developmental problems. I always remind people that if t (MORE)

Down syndrome is most commonly caused by?

Downs syndrome is caused by a genetic mutation called trisomy. Trisomy is when an extra chromosome is present on one set of chromosomes, so instead of the 46 chromosomes of a normal human there are 47. Trisomy can often result in miscarriage as the body cannot cope well with extra chromosomes. Downs (MORE)

Can mistakes in meiosis cause down syndrome?

Mistakes in meiosis may cause Down syndrome. The error happens whenthe chromosomes segregate into the gametes. The egg or sperm mayhave too many or too few chromosomes. Down syndrome has an extrachromosome in the 21st pair.

Is Down syndrome caused by a recessive gene?

Down syndrome is caused by an additional copy of chromosome 21. There is not a specific "gene" that causes it, the additional copy of the chromosome leads to other changes and processes that result in the condition. It is not dominant or recessive.

Does someone with Down syndrome also have epilepsy?

No. Someone with Down's syndrome could also happen to have epilepsy, but if they do it isn't always to do with the fact that they have Down's Syndrome. Some people with Down's Syndrome will have or develop Epilepsy, but there is no guarantee that because someone has Down's Syndrome that they will (MORE)

What are the physical signs of someone with Down syndrome?

Below is a list of common physical traits of someone with Down syndrome. (Bear in mind that every person with Down syndrome is a unique individual and may possess these characteristics to different degrees - or may not even exhibit them at all.) . low muscle tone . small stature . an upwar (MORE)

What is the cause of the upsurge in cases of Down syndrome?

There are three possible causes: 1) The human genepool is beginning to stagnate, which could end in the extinction of our species. 2) Women wait until later in life to get pregnant, which makes birth defects more likely. 3) Increased drug and alcohol consumption (need I say more?)

Why is an NSAID not recommended for someone who has Down syndrome?

The Huerta study looked at data on 228,660 patients collected in the United Kingdom from 1997 through 2000, Findings are that: . Indocin tripled the risk of heart failure related hospitalization. . Naproxin doubled the risk of heart failure related hospitalization. . Ibuprofen (brand names includ (MORE)

What is the cause of the Down syndrome disorder?

There are many causes for Down Syndrome. One of the cause is: Nondisjunction : The body's cells contains nucleus which has 23 pairs of chromosomes; the nucleus is storage for genetic material (genes). The occurence of Nondisjunction is mainly caused by an error in cell division and an embryo ends u (MORE)

What is the best mattress for someone with downs syndrome?

Children and adults with Down syndrome (also known as trisomy 21) requires non-irritating and non-toxic bedding to sleep on at night. Thus, mattresses made of synthetic materials should be avoided. More appropriate would be to use natural and organic mattresses. Also, the use of waterproof bedding m (MORE)

Can celexa cause down syndrome?

No, down syndrome is caused by a genetic defect where there is an extra chromosome in most,if not all, of the cells of a body. it is not caused by a drug.

What can down syndrome be caused by?

Down's Syndrome is caused mainly by a mutation in the gene. It is a genetic disorder, which means it was passed on from parents to offspring.

What is the main cause of down syndrome?

The main cause of down syndrowe is when a fetus develops 21 sets of chromosomes instead of 20. This more commonly occurs in pregnancies of women over the age of 40.

What is the cause and symptoms of Down syndrome?

Downs syndrome is caused by having 3 copies, trisomy, of chromosome21 in your DNA. This can be random, causes are often unknownalthough it is associated with increased maternal age. Symptomsinclude characteristic facial features, varying degrees of mentalretardation/learning difficulties, a happy an (MORE)