What is the difference between Autism and Idiot Savant?

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Autism is a class of brain disorders involving the processing of information, especially social cues. The degree of impairment differs based on the type of autism, which is why autism is often called a spectrum disorder.

Idiot savant is the pejorative and now-defunct term used for a person with savant syndrome, defined as having an extreme or excessive talent focused in one well-defined area, such as: photographic memory, large-number calculation skill, calendar calculation ability, or a near-intuitive talent or drawing or sculpting. While being autistic or mentally impaired certainly isn't a requirement for savant syndrome, they make up the majority of those who do have it; which is how the original term came about in the first place.
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What is the difference between ADHD and Autism?

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Hyperlexia can be a symptom or a "splinter skill" occurring in individuals on the autism spectrum, or it can be a condition on its own. I found a great article on this (http:/

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What is an idiot savant?

You must be referring to an autistic savant. Basically, its an autistic person who has savant syndrome.

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What are the indications that someone is an idiot savant?

An idiot savant is a mentally defective person with an exceptional skill or talent in a special field, as a highly developed ability to play music or to solve complex mathemat