What is the difference between Fluorescence and phosphorescence?

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Fluorescence is light energy produced by a process where high-energy radiation (such as ultraviolet or X-ray) is absorbed by electrons surrounding an atom and is re-emitted as light energy.
Phosphoresence is light energy produced by a particular type of chemical reaction where the excess chemical energy of the reactants is given off as light energy.
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What is the difference between a phosphorescent source and a fluorescent source?

Answer . phosphorescent is glowing in the dark;reusing old light it has stored, like a glow in the dark keychain. fluorescent is something that glows when energy is applie

What is the difference between phosphorescent and fluorescent substances?

Classically, phosphorescent substances absorb energy and then re-emit it for an extended time afterwards. Fluorescent substances "down-convert" higher frequencies to lower fre

What is the difference between fluorescent and incandescent?

In an incasescent light the light is emitted directly from the element. In a fluorescent light the element excites a gas which in turn excites a secondary emission surface thi

What is the difference between daylight fluorescent and warm white fluorescent?

The light from a "Daylight" type looks brighter to the eye than "Warm White". The "Daylight" type is supposed to make colors of things (clothes, furniture, etc.) look more

What is the difference between white fluorescent lights and yellow ones?

Florescent bulbs are environmental-friendly. Yellow bulbs use more electricity, but their lighting is generally better. Most florescent bulbs take at least a full minute to re

Difference between fluorescent and phosphorescent material?

Fluorescent material immediately glows when exposed to ultravioletradiation, that is it fluoresces. Phosphorescent material slowlyabsorbs and re-emits the radiation it absorbs

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Since fish do not carry out photosynthesis, they do not really care about your choice of light. Incandescent lights will however produce a lot of heat and can make the water n

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What is the difference between fluorescence and scintillation?

Both are forms of luminescence that result from the absorption of energy from a particular source and then re-emit light during the de-excitation of the electrons within the m