What is the lining of the lungs?

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The lining of the Lungs is called the pleura, it is a lubricating fluid that makes sure the lungs don't scrape against the ribs.
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What does the left lung do?

The left lung, although smaller than the right lung, does exactly the same thing: takes oxygen from the air and adds it to hemoglobin in the blood, so that all of the cells in the body can have oxygen to use in metabolism.

What is a lung?

The lungs are two air sacks located in the chest. They are a storage place for air. A lung is an organ in many species that allows the animal to breathand transfer oxygen into their blood. . Saclike respiratory organs in the thorax of humans and the higher vertebrates.

What do the lungs do?

The lungs provide a surface for gas exchange in mammals. Inside thelungs are the alveoli, in which oxygen dissolves into the blood. Isis basically a gas exchange. . The lung is an essential respiration organ in all air breathinganimals. The main function is to transport oxygen from theatmosphere int (MORE)

What are the Lungs?

lungs are tubes that transfer blood from your heart to your lungsand other parts of your body. (doesn't need to be improved)

What is a detailed time line of health improvement for your lungs and overall health after quitting smoking?

seven years. Seven years after quitting smoking, the overall mortality curve of a former smoker levels out to be equal to (to have the same slope as) a lifetime non-smoker. This is actually somewhat misleading. Many people will read this statement and think "Seven years after I quit smoking my mort (MORE)

What is a line?

A line is a straight path of points that go on forever in 2directions. A line is also something called in a poem. A line is a collection of points that goes on forever in bothdirections.

Do grasshoppers have lungs?

A grasshopper needs to breathe air-just as a person does. But grasshoppers don't have lungs. Instead, they have tiny holes, called spiracles, in their thoraxes and abdomens.. A grasshopper has 10 pairs of spiracles. Air goes into the insect's body through the front holes. Air leaves the body throug (MORE)

What is the diagramph of the lung?

The diaphragm of the lung is the muscle below the lungs that stretches the lungs, helping them expand when you inhale. When you exhale, it helps push air up out of the lungs.

How does the lung inflate?

Your thoracic (chest) cavity is separated from your abdominal cavity by the diaphragm muscle. When your diaphragm pulls down, it creates pressure in the thoracic cavity that pulls in air and inflates the lungs. When the diaphragm moves up, it pushes the air out.

What is the purpose of the lungs?

The lungs are to part of the Respiratory System and are the reason you breath. They're the organs that turn oxygen (when you breath in) and make it into carbon dioxide (when you breath out).

What is the medical term meaning outer lining of the lung?

The parietal pleura.. Pleura is the outer covering of Lungs The pleurae are the membranes covering the lungs. . The membrane is called the pleura, which is named the parietal pleura for the portion of the membrane covering the inner chest wall and the visceral pleura for the portion of the membran (MORE)

How can lungs cancer affect the lungs?

When you have lung cancer, there is a mass or a collection of cancer cells in the lungs. The cancer cells will be spreading out to other organs of the body (metastasis). What happens to the lungs is that, you will have much chest pain with back pains, most of the time it will be very painful espec (MORE)

Where is the lung?

right in the lower rib cadge. right in the lower rib cadge. right in the lower rib cadge

Where are your lungs?

The lungs are in the upper chest, on either side of the heart,behind the rib cage. The function of the rib cage is to protect thelungs as well as the heart.

What are lungs and what do they do?

The lungs are the site of gas exchange in mammals. Lungs ensure that efficient gas exchange takes place between the air and the person's blood. The lungs are a pair of lobed structures made up of a series of highly branched tubules called bronchioles, which end in tiny air sacs called the alveoli (t (MORE)

When does the blood flow to the the lungs and from the lungs?

How does blood flow through your lungs? . Oxygen and carbon dioxide travels to and from tiny air sacs in the lungs, through the walls of the capillaries, into the blood.. Once blood travels through the pulmonic valve, it enters your lungs. This is called the pulmonary circulation. From your pulm (MORE)

Why would a lung lining thicken?

The condition that causes the lungs to thicken is interstitum lungdisease. The interstitum is a lace-like network of tissue that canbecome inflamed or scarred and that us what leads to lungthickening

What harms your lungs?

Many things can harm the lungs. Like smoking, or any smoke ingeneral that may be dangerous to your health. Pollution is anotherone, even though it may not be as harmful to the lungs as smokewould be.

The lungs are divided into?

The right lung is divided into three lobes (superior, middle and inferior), while the left lung is divided into two lobes (superior and inferior) allowing room for the heart.

What is the texture of your lungs?

The lungs are lined with a complicated network of bronchi whichfilter air and extract the oxygen out of it. The texture of thesecan be described as spongy, slimy and supple.

Why is your lungs not identical?

the reason why your lungs arnt identical because they both have different jobs and i know this is not really a good answer but hope it kinda helps.

Can lungs regenerate?

Almost all human tissue can regenerate. The regeneration process might create some scar-tissue but yes.Lungs can regenerate.......... Human lungs 'brush' themselves clean of contaminants Friday, September 07, 2012 by: David Gutierrez, staff writer . Human lungs contain a tiny network of constantly (MORE)

Do you have lung cancer or a lung disease?

This is too general a question to be asked to the community of WikiAwnsers. Awnsering yes or no would just be a generalization to the public, and the patrons that are offended by such generalizations would not be very happy with the awnser of yes or no. (If you really want an awnser from a singl (MORE)

Why is the lung narrower that the right lung?

the left lung is narrower than the right lung because of the amount of space the mediastinum (which includes the heart, blood vessels and others) on the left side. the left lung includes a cardiac notch where the heart lies.

How does lung cancer damage the lung?

All lung cancer damages lungs by clotting them and not allowing you to take in a proper amount of air when you breath.this enables you in that you cant do athletic activity's Lung cancer affects the lungs. In the lungs there is a tumor. But sometimes that tumor can press againest the airways. This m (MORE)

Which lung is intact lung?

the one that isn't the one that is the intact lung.... you have a 50/50 chance so guess one and maybe u will get it right!

What is lung capacity or lung volume?

Total lung capacity is the maximum amount of air that the lungs are able to hold with maximum inspiratory effort. For a human, this is about 5.7-6 litres.

What are lungs for?

We use our lungs to breathe, we breathe because our body cant store oxygen so our lungs inhale oxygen which is passed on to our blood to distribute it around our body and to keep us alive. Our lungs also exhale carbon dioxide because carbon dioxide is a poisonous gas. Smoking, air pollution and drug (MORE)

Who can donate lungs for lung transplantation?

The new lung or lungs are usually donated by someone under age 65 who is brain-dead but is still on life-support. The donor tissue must be matched as closely as possible to your tissue type to reduce the odds that your body will reject the transplanted lung.

What is line-?

A line is simply some length of cord, rope, or wire to be used forsome purpose.

What is an A line?

An A line is a piece of garment that is slightly flared from narrowshoulders or waist.

What it is a lung?

A lung is an organ that facilitates the effective transfer of gases between the air and the blood stream of air-breathing animals.