What is the medical term meaning dilation?

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in tems of labour "dilation" is the medical term or certainly the only one used on the wards and between doctors themselves, in terms of other dilation such as of the pupil the term is mydriasis. there are lots of different terms for each different organ or tissue being dilated.
Dilation is a medical term meaning that the internal diameter of something got larger. Like the pupils dilated or the cervix dilated.
Mydriasis is dilation of the pupils.
Ectasis is the medical term meaning dilation or expansion of a hollow organ. -ectasis is also the medical terminology combining form meaning dilation or expansion.
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What is the medical term meaning mouth?

fcvd . oral cavity . Also known as the buccal cavity,oropharynx and glossopharyngeal cavity stoma/o, stomy, or oro (oral cavity, also common) . stoma/o, stomy, or oro (oral cavity, also common)

What is the medical term meaning dilation of a vessel?

Vasodilation is normal increase in the diameter of a blood vessel. Aneurysm is a localized ballooning of a blood vessel. vasodilation. Vasodilation Angioplasty and dilatation or if open surgery the suffix -plasty is used for the vessel for which the widening was done

What is the medical term meaning rabies?

Rabies is also known as hydrophobia, which means the abnormal fear of water. See the related link for more information. . Hydrophobia is the medical term for rabies. This is because the most common symptom of rabies is a fear of water.

What is the medical term meaning cold?

I think you may mean hypothermia. A condition acquired from exposure to cold and resulting in lowered core body temperature, often when you've been immersed in cold water or left unprotected in a very cold climate. If you mean the common cold, as in runny nose, sniffles, things like that: see th (MORE)

What is the medical term meaning cirrhosis?

Cirrhosis is disease of the liver. The liver gets damaged and replaced by fibrosis tissue. Extensive damage can lead to liver failure and death. Causes of liver cirrhosis is infection, alcoholism, malnutrition, drug toxicity and some cases idiopathic as the cause is not known

What does negative mean in medical terms?

It depends on the context. A negative pregnancy test or negative culture means pregnancy hormone or sought-for pathogen were not found. A negative x-ray means normal. A pertinent negative is a "no" answer in the history that helps narrow the diagnosis. (For instance, a woman with no period for six (MORE)

What does focal mean in medical terms?

Usually means small and discrete. e.g. focal brain lesions. Focal in medical terms meaning concentrated in or appearing in a particular spot. For example, if I have too much caffeine, I can have nonfocal tingling in my face, but if I sit on my foot too long, I will have focal tingling in that foot.

What does the medical term hyperventilation mean?

Hyperventilation (hyper = a lot + ventilation = breathing) is a medical term. It is also known as "Rapid Breathing", "Deep Breathing" or "Overbreathing". The most common cause of spontaneous hyperventilation is anxiety or panic.

What is the medical term meaning breathing in?

Inhale or Inhaling Inspiration or inhalation Inhalation. Inhaling inhaling i think i mean who wouldn't know that It's called Respiration. Inhaling and taking a breath. Inhaling. \nRespiration. Breathing in is called inhaling. Inspiration (the act of taking in air to the lungs) Respiration

What does gram mean In medical terms?

Gram in medical terms may refer to a unit of mass (e.g. give one gram of azithromycin in one dose to cure chlamydia), or could refer to a procedure for determining the identity of a bacterium through a specific gram-staining process (e.g. gonorrhea is a gram-positive diplococcus.)

What does stepoff mean in medical terms?

"step-off" means the bones are not lined up properly, they may be bent or deformed, potentially forming a "step" at the junction of the broken bone that is detectable by palpation. indicates fracture.

What is the medical term meaning swelling?

Swelling due to fluid retention, usually in dependant ("down hill") areas such as the legs, is called edema. It is sometimes also spelled Oedema, usually in British literature. Swelling ("tumor" in latin) is one of a complex of findings in inflammation. . inflammation . ------------------------- (MORE)

What does the medical term threshold mean?

The place or point of beginning; the outset. . The lowest point at which a stimulus begins to produce a sensation. . The minimal stimulus that produces excitation of any structure, eliciting a motor response.

What is the medical term meaning dilation of the kidneys?

Hydronephrosis. A related term meaning dilatation of the renal pelvis to a lesser degree is pyelectasis, both are the result of an obstruction of the kidneys and/or the ureter, such as congenital stenosis, a calculus or "stone", etc. Pyelocaliectasis is dilation of the renal pelvis and calyx. (MORE)

What is the meaning of the medical term provisional?

It means so far, or temporary. It is often used in conjunction with lab tests. For instance the first time a lab test is read it may be given a value, but if it is provisional, then it is only temporary and they want to look at it again in a little while. This also comes into play when tests take a (MORE)

What is the medical term meaning skin?

epidermis Integument. integumentary Derma or dermal may be the word you are looking for. The scientific name for skin is Epidermis . Epidermis is outer skin, Dermal is the adjective(Like thermal for heat) and integument is sometimes a catch-all term for skin. sharks have what is called dermal visio (MORE)

What is the medical term meaning ringworm?

Ringworm is a fungal infection called "tinea." Ringworm causesinfection as it is a type of fungus that grows on the dead outerlayer of the skin. There are many types of dermatophytes and arecapable of infecting different species of animals. For example'dermatophyte Microsporum canis' is a type of ri (MORE)

What is the medical term meaning no menses?

The medical term menopause refers to the permanent point at whichmenses ceases due to ovarian failure. The medical term amenorrhearefers to the absence or abnormal cessation of menses (whenmenopause has not yet occurred.)

What is the medical term meaning pertaining to dilating?

Dilation (orig. latin Dilatation), meaning 'widening' , 'extending' or change in volume. Example: Dilation of the ventricles of the heart, Vessel dilation, Dilation of the smooth muscles etc. Mydriatic is the medical term that pertains to dilating the pupils, such as the drops that you get at the (MORE)

What is the medical term meaning dilation of a bronchus?

Bronchiectasis is the medical term for dilation of the bronchi. It is a chronic necrotizing infection of bronchi & bronchioles causing abnormal permanent dilation of these airways. Rationale: Dilation (-ectasis) of the bronchi (bronchi/o = bronchus). . treakia i think bronchiectasis