What is the proper way to clean your anus after a bowel movement?

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after wiping use water... in Indonesia they call it tjebok
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What could be wrong if you have stopped having bowel movements and instead mucus comes out of your anus when you pass gas?

See your doctor! It is unlikely that this has to do with your emotional well being. Feces is a direct result of what goes into your body. If you are eating too much fat, too much or too little magnesium, or have a number of other dietary problems your gas and bowel movements will change. Infections (MORE)

What is a bowel movement?

A bowel movement is the actions of the terminal colon and rectum that help to push the stool out when you defecate. It consists of four steps: - First there are constrictions of the colon that push stool down to the terminal colon and rectum. - Then constrictions around the stool elevates the (MORE)

What is the proper way to clean violin bow hairs?

For temporary cleaning you should rosin your bow. You can buy rosinat virtually any music store that sells/repairs any stringedinstruments. To use the rosin, rub it up and down your bow hairquickly, pressing down hard. Rub it approximately 50 times the veryfirst time you rosin your bow, and 25-30 ru (MORE)

How clean is the anus?

Anus itself is,in a different view, the last ending of the digesting system that works as a valve to hold "dirt" from going out. the inner part of the anus MUST be so dirty . if you Wash it with a mild soap and water the anus will be clean.

What is the best way to clean your anus?

try using the baby shampoo (Jonson-Jonson) that helps children prevent tears. it doesn't burn you inside. consider that any lotion that does not give a burning feeling to the eyes or the nasal sinuses, then it definitely works for the anus too. (self tested and approved).

What causes white bowel movements?

A white bowel movement could be a sign of an infection in theliver. It could also be a sign that the bile duct is not workingproperly.

What does it mean when your bowel movement is black?

To start off with, any change from your normal is a cause for concern. Dark could mean that your food is very well digested. Or, it could be the result of ingestion of dark foods, just as ingestion of some strongly coloured drinks can colour the urine. Darkness may be present if your system is (MORE)

Does coffee cause a bowel movement?

\nYes. Coffee contains a lot of caffeine (depending on brand and brewing method). This causes the intestines to become stimulated, and increased movement of the intestines causes a bowel movement.

What causes Watery bowel movements?

Watery bowel movements - also known as diarrhea (alternately spelled diarrhoea) - can be caused by a number of things, including intestinal diseases, the flu, bad drinking water, food poisoning, tumors, greasy food...the list is almost endless. But it's really nothing to worry about unless it occu (MORE)

How often do frogs have a bowel movement?

The frequency of frogs bowl movements depends on the amount ofwaste they have to dispel. The amount of waste created depends onhow much and how often the frog eats.

Can spondlolisthesis affect bowel movements?

Spondylolisthesis is a defect in a certain part of the vertebrae.Symptoms of this disorder mainly include feet numbness and backpain, but constipation can also be a symptom.

What is a good way to have a bowel movement daily?

There are all manner of laxatives, pharmaceutic and natural, that work well. However, I would first mention there's no health reason that you have to have a bowel movement every day. In fact, many people don't. If there's no bowel movement by 4 days, or if you feel uncomfortable, then ask for help. (MORE)

What is the proper way to clean a chalkboard?

Chalkboard cleaning method depends upon the kind of chalkboard to be cleaned.. Chalkboards made of composition board can be damaged by frequent use of a liquid cleaner. A good dry method is to use a regular felt eraser to erase any writing on the board. A chamois skin eraser can then be used. First (MORE)

What is the proper way to clean an optical drive?

Tray-loading optical drives require little cleaning. They are wellsealed against dust, and all recent drives incorporate aself-cleaning lens mechanism. For routine cleaning, wipe theexternal parts of the drive occasionally with a damp cloth. Somedrive makers recommend using a drive cleaning kit ever (MORE)

What causes the anus to bleed after a bowel movement?

One common cause of bleeding after a bowel movement is from trying to force out hard stool. If you have constipation, you need to increase your intake of water and fluids to prevent hard stools. Hemmoroids can also cause bleeding. These often develop when a person has been constipated and /or has b (MORE)

Why does your anus itch after a bowel movement?

Anal itch, also known as pruritus ani, is an irritating, itchy sensation around the anus (the opening through which stool passes out of the body). Anal itch is a symptom, not an illness, and it can have many different causes. In most cases, a person with anal itch does not have a disease of the anus (MORE)

What is the proper way to clean collard greens?

well, lets see, hold the stem of the greens in one hand and use your other hand to pull down the leafy part or use a knife and cut out the stem, after that wash the greens well in cold water and chop greens into about 2 inch pieces.

What does it mean when you haven't had a bowel movement?

Possible causes of absence of bowel movement: Bowel obstruction Dehydration Abuse or overuse of laxatives Use of medicines like anti-depressants, anti-hypertension Intestinal problems Injuries to spinal cord causing paralysis In children, fear of using toilets Lack of fiber in diet

Why does urine and bowel movements smell?

Bowel movements smell because while the food is mixed together it also has acids and digestive juices added. Types of foods plus the breakdown of the foods causes it to have an odor. Urine smells because of the same digestive process, plus because the body filtrates toxins from the blood into the ur (MORE)

If you have a bowel movement and your anus bleeds what should you do?

Bowel movements and straining can often cause slight bleeding.First, wipe as usual. Second, get a dark colored wash cloth and runwarm water on it, and pat or lay it against your anus for severalminutes. RINSE out the cloth afterward and put it in the dirtyclothes basket. Lastly, eat more fiber and d (MORE)

Why are you tired after bowel movement?

I have been researching the problem of extreme tiredness after a bowel movement and have come across this thread: http://forums.wrongdiagnosis.com/showthread.php?t=55520 which seems to indicate that a damaged nerve causing lower back pain can lead to extreme fatigue after a bowel movement. The evide (MORE)

How can you clean your anus?

You could clean the buttocks and anus with . Warm (room temperature) Water . Health Faucet . Bidet . Plastic dipper ( Gayung/tabo ) . Washlet (Or similar appliances) . Wooden Scrapers . Hands . Taahir (pure) earth . Limestone . Baked earthen pots . Walls of mud, stone or brick . C (MORE)

How can you have a bowel movement without pain?

There should not be pain with bowel elimination. Some people may have hemorrhoids that cause discomfort, but it should not be painful. If it is, then you should consult a health care professional.

Why is toilet paper clean after bowel movement?

Diet related - Occurs for me when I include a small portion of legumes in one of my daily meals on most days. A recent change in my diet is to include 2 teaspoons of coconut oil with my morning egg on toast. This also seems to have the same effect. I eat very little processed food and have reduced p (MORE)

Why are your bowel movements thin?

The consistencies for the bowel movements depends on the speed of the peristalsis (the rate of speed that food is pushed through the bowel system). If a person has diarrhea, the food will move very quickly therefore causing less for the food and nutrients to be removed. So that will cause the stoo (MORE)

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Why is bowel movement smelly?

when caca comes out of your butt it becomes smelly because of the oxygen. If you have brise R you can make it smell different, like chicken. For examole if you eat candy caca will smell to your you cat. If you don't believe it look for it in www.caca/smelly/why.com

Is a bowel movement an action verb?

Bowel movement is basically a name which means the discharge of faeces. Therefore it is a NOUN. It is not an action verb nor a verb at all. The act of doing a bowel movement is the verb.

What is the proper way to clean a gun?

"The proper way to clean a gun is to make sure it is not loaded, spray it with cleaning supplies to get all the gun powder out and then put it back together."

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