What is the value of learning Transcendental Meditation from a certified teacher?

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The Transcendental Meditation technique is taught in personalized, one on one instruction by a certified teacher. The teaching of the technique was developed by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who introduced it worldwide in 1957. Although the technique itself is centuries old, Maharishi cleared away the cultural aspects that had become attached over time, so that the technique could be easily accessed and enjoyed by anyone. Every trained teacher teaches this technique exactly as Maharishi designed it to be taught. Unless one learns from a certified teacher, no one has a guarantee that what is being learned is the TM technique, and no guarantee that this subtle, but effective technique is being taught or learned properly.

To ensure that the innate effortless, and natural aspects of the technique are being taught and practiced correctly, the teacher not only teaches the technique, but follows that up with personalized verification of the practice to make sure every new learner receives maximum benefits. As well, one has access to lifetime benefits at any TM center in the US., at no cost. This kind of personal attention, and verification can't be given or learned from a book or CD.

Just as a skilled, and highly trained eye doctor is probably the best person to treat the eyes, the certified, experienced teacher is the best person to teach this meditation technique. This ensures that what is being learned is actually the TM technique with its over 350 peer-reviewed studies showing benefits, and is being practiced correctly even over time.
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