What is the youngest age a girl should have penatrative sex?

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At the very least, the girl should be past the age of consent. Even so, consequences of sex (pregnancy, STDs) should be understood by both people. The guy should make sure that she suffers neither. Or else, he isn't old enough either!
THERE IS NO AGE A GIRL should HAVE SEX!! It doesn't physically benefit a girl at all. However, there are ages a girl shouldn't have sex. those ages are anywhere from birth, to 18 or older. Girls who have sex at ages younger than 18 have a much higher chance of transmitting sexually transmitted disease and getting pregnant. why? because they are not informed about the consequences of sex. Many girls (and guys!!) who are underage and have sex believe a lot of myths about when or when your cannot get pregnant, and barely know enough about their own bodies to really understand how they work.
Girls who are underage are also much more easily convinced to have sex in the first place, and most often with older men who just want to have they're way with them and then leave. remember ladies: if you are younger than 18 and he is 18 or older and has sex with you, he is a legal pedophile!! he can go to jail.
Also, why do girls think they want to have sex in the first place? to feel older? well....there are much less slutty ways to feel older that's for sure! is it to have something to brag about with friends? well.....if bragging about how you care so little about your body that you gave it away to some guy you will never stay with anyway is COOL, we live on a very twisted and sad planet!! oh then. is it to better enjoy a meaningful relationship? well.....that sounds more convincing. that's what sex is for anyway. but, i would like to ask all you ladies out there, have you known ANYONE that has ever married the man they lost their virginity to in school?? very very very few people. and less every day. It is your body, yes, but its also the guy's life. He will do whatever he wants with it and you will be just another name and a body to him. plus, think about it! no sex proves to everyone in existence that you are stronger than all those girls that do, you are SMARTER than them, you most certainly don't have STD's, and you don't have to worry about any babies coming along!!
Go ahead and love your boys!! that's what they are there for. but be careful when it comes to your body. do you own it, or does he?
..... or whenever she feels ready.

WOW what a moron. If she is under 18 and he is over 18 he is a pedophile? So if he is 19 and she is 17 he is a pedophile, because she is 2 years younger then he is? On average, men date women three years younger. And the age of consent is different in most states, most at 16, some at 17 or 18. In recent history, the age of consent has been as young as 14. So in fact, he is definitely not a legal pedophile, unless she is under the age of consent, in most states 15 or younger.

And as for the word pedophile, that usually pertains to men having sex with kids, inappropriate sex with someone who doesn't even know what sex is. I wouldn't call a 17 or 18 year old boy who has sex with a 15 year old girl a pedophile. That happens every day, in every city in America. It is normal. Now if she is like a kid (kid is based on maturity, so all girls are different, but I would assume anyone 10 or younger is definitely a kid) I would agree the guy is a pedophile.
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