What may cause you to lose weight during pregnancy?

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The inability to keep down food or nourishment such as food or drinks during pregnancy can cause you to lose weight. Also a lot of diarrhea can cause one to lose weight.
I would see your doctor for a full check up however. Weight loss during pregnancy should always be investigated as it isn't normal.
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How long does it take to lose the extra weight put on during pregnancy?

It's different for every woman. You should experience gradual weight loss in the first three months, if you're breastfeeding your child. Breastfeeding expends 200 to 300 calor

What if you lose too much weight during pregnancy?

Answer . \nDepends on the starting weight. My wife is considered obese and has lost weight with all three of our children. They closely monitored the fetus to be sure it

Is losing weight common during pregnancy?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nParticularly during the first trimester when you are nauseous it is quite common to lose a couple of pounds. I had evening sickness rather tha

How do you lose weight fast after pregnancy?

As a male, I can't confirm this method works specifically after pregnancy, but what I can say without doubt is, if you follow the following basic rules, regardless of gender o

How much weight do you lose after pregnancy?

Well it depends on how quick your metabolism is and how much you eat. i lost my weight very quickly and that was because my metabolism is VERY fast and i went through a stage

How do you lose weight during pregnancy?

You don't. It is very unhealthy to try and lose weight during pregnancy unless you are seriously obese. Be very careful about either restricting calorie intake or vigorous

What would be the cause of not losing weight during the induction phase?

Your cheating! It is very hard to keep your carbs under 20 per day, but it is a necessity to get ketosis started and keep it going. Also coffee of tea, and alchohol will sabta

How can you lose a baby during pregnancy?

There are only 2 ways to do that; 1.Miscarriage which can be induced (aka abortion) or natural which is when nature steps in and ends the pregnancy without using medicine o

Why is it not wise to try and lose weight during pregnancy?

A woman who is obese can lose weight safely while she is pregnant, while under strict medical supervision . Doing this may decrease the chance of developing gestational diabe