What number of infants are born with autism?

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NONE! Autism is caused by improper meducations, Either by chemical makeup or by volume
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What is autism?

Autism (sometimes called "classical autism") is the most common condition in a group of pervasive developmental disorders (PDDs), also known as the autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). Pervasive developmental disorders are included in the broader category of developmental disorders. . Autism is chara (MORE)

What is wrong when an infant is born with pubic hair?

Answer : I have heard of this happening before. I think the best thing to do is take her to the doctor and see what they say. Answer my daughter is 15 months old and I have noticed pubic hair covering her vagina area. My 6 year old has none. Is this normal?

How does Autism Speaks help autism?

It brings awareness to the community that this is a growing issuein our society. It provides resources for families to findproviders for their children to get the treatment they need to makeimprovement. They contribute a portion fo their funds to a localorganization in the area where they have their (MORE)

What percent of babies born in America every year have autism?

Approximately 1 in 150 children have autism, that is approx. 73 a day, and approx. 26,767 children a year are born with autism in the US. Numbers are up from 1 in 10,000 a generation ago, and 3-4 generations ago, autism was practically unknown. Reasons for the increase may include: - Inc (MORE)

How many children are born with autism?

I don't really know..... but, my friend does.... around 1 in every 166 kids have autism . actually that number has changed as of this year (2009) it is now 1 in 100 that is according to the Autism Society web site. My son has Aspergers and I blog about it...http://whatisaspergerssyndrome.blogspot. (MORE)

Are you born with Autism?

Yes. Although the causes of autism are largely unknown, it is a developmental condition that one is born with.

Do you have autism?

Yes i do have autism I'm on the spectrum I have very mild Asperger's syndrome. Why are you asking a general "you" this question? mys sister has autism and dispratsia and attachment and sensory issues and aspergers and i have trates every1 here autistic dont understand how much people try to ma (MORE)

What are infants?

Infants are babies. Some definitions stipulate an age such as under a year or under 18 months in age.

Who had autism?

I do, Albert Einstien, and millions of others. if you have autism, especially aspergers syndrome like i have, i love you all and we'll just have to help each other. we are normal- dont let anyone tell you we are not.

Who has autism?

Amanda Baggs, advocate of rights for autistic people . Marty Balin, singer and songwriter with Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship . Lucy Blackman, university educated author . Alonzo Clemons, American clay sculptor . Tony DeBlois, blind American musician . Jonathan Jayne, contestant on A (MORE)

What does autism do?

l Autism is a neurological disorder that causes an individual to beaffected in many different ways. How it impacts someone is just asdifferent as one person is to the next. The more severly affectedindividual may be non-verbal, sensitive to touch, and show signs ofaggression. The less affected indiv (MORE)

What are the chances of being born with autism?

most people when born have a 1.0% chance of getting autism. though it is about 3 times more likely for males to get autism then females the average chance of having autism for all genders is 1.0%

How can you get autism?

There are a lot of different speculations about why people get autism. Some researchers have theorized that autism is caused by heavy metal buildup in the body, but other evidence has shown that theory to be somewhat shaky and possibly untrue. Other evidence suggests that autism is primarily a genet (MORE)

What you get from autism?

How horrible the answers below...my son with autism is far from lonely. I have never met a happier child and he is extremely bright. You cannot classify "what you get from autism" and place it generally over an entire population. It is different for every person. Some of the information below may be (MORE)

When can you get autism?

Autism is caused by certain genes and by damage to those genes by environmental factors e.g. exposure to chemicals, allergies, immunizations, and drugs in utero. Just as each child is impacted differently by autism, the causes are just as unique from child to child. One example of a known and sc (MORE)

Why is the number of students diagnosed with autism increasing rapidly?

The diagnostic criteria for autism has changed from the 1980s. Now, many more people are diagnosed with autism who, in the past, might have been diagnosed with a mental illness, ADHD, or some other disorder.. I don't think that there are more people with autism than there were before-they are just (MORE)

Who are most likely going to be born with autism?

The cause of Autism is still unknown. However, there is a strong belief that there is a genetic predisposition when a family member is autistic. Beyond that factor, the cause of autism is a topic of great debate and vast differences of opinion.

How many babies born DAILY with autism?

That is a hard question to answer since autism isn't diagnosed at birth. Children with autism do not have special features as some other diagnosed disabilities do. However the statistics are that every twenty minutes a child is diagnosed wth autism.

What if an infant is born without a brainstem?

Still birth. :) The brain stem runs all autonomic functions, including your heart, lungs, digestive tract, and most of your somatic functions pass through it.. You're toast without it.

How can a child be born with autism?

Autism is a neurological difference, it forms when the brain isformed in the womb at around the second trimester. All autisticchildren are born autistic.

How many babies are born with autism every minute?

I don't have an exact answer to your question, as I don't know how many babies in any given area are born per minute. However, the national statistics for the US state approximately 1 in every 100 births will be diagnosed with some form of autism.

What Causes an infant to be born with hydrocephalus?

Hydrocephalus can be inherited from a parent, and male children are at greater risk. It can also be acquired, sometimes as the result of an infection during birth. Here's some info on it: http://www.childrenshospital.org/az/Site1116/mainpageS1116P0.html

What can you do when you have autism?

When you have Aspergers you are not stupid! People with autism have certain specific interests like art, history, or maths. When you're Autistic you are unaware of people laughing at you. Austistics wear things only for comfort, even if it doesn't match. A person might not wear contrasting patterns, (MORE)

Why do a disproportionate number of autism suffers have a Sonic The Hedgehog obsession?

The case is most likely that you are a paranoid schizophrenic suffering from irrational delusions of the people you encounter. Paranoid schizophrenia is treatable with psychiatric counseling and medications, and given the proper dosage of both, your delusions should cease or at least become more (MORE)

Are infant vaccinations linked to autism?

No, there is no link between vaccinations and autism. This idea first came about in 1998 when a study was published byAndrew Wakefield that said there was a link between MMR and autism- this study was shown to be completely fraudulent, however manypeople today continue to believe this due to people (MORE)

How many kids are born with autism every day?

It is completely impossible to say how many autistic babies areborn each year - it's also impossible to say how many autisticpeople there are - firstly as there is no test for autism inbabies, secondly as many autistic people do not receive diagnosis,and thirdly as many autistic people do not disclo (MORE)

How do you identify autism 9 month old infant?

As an autistic Infant Caregiver, I think it's not a good idea to try to diagnose autism in an infant that young. It's almost impossible to diagnose it before 24 months. Signs usually appear when the infant is a one year old, not when they are 9 months old.. Lack of eye contact, social interaction i (MORE)

Who can have autism?

Hi! My name is Kate and I have Autism. Approximately 1 in 68 children have autism (1 in 42 boys and 1 in 189 girls). Autism can be caused by a number of factors (no vaccines DO NOT cause Autism), including genetic factors and mutations which are the two main causes. No one gene causes Autism, but ra (MORE)

What they do if they infant?

An infant is a young child. What to do if you have an infant would be to care for them in the proper mannor. This would involve feeding, bathing, loving, nurturing, and helping them in there developments. Not to mention much more things involved as they grow.

What is autism-?

The definition for the word autism is "a mental condition, presentfrom early childhood, characterized by difficulty in communicatingand forming relationships with other people and in using languageand abstract concepts."