What to do if a mentally challenged person hit you?

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Well, just tell an adult. They should be able to take control without any trouble.
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How old does a mentally challenged person live?

To be honest I wonder the same thing. My mother in law raised a handicapped child and she could answer your questions much better than I. Here is her blog, http://askcatheryn.

How do you feed a mentally challenged person?

I would say that it depends on the individual, their age, mental health status, their capabilities. I would say there isn't a complete answer to this question as it's too gene

Can a non mentally challenged person divorce a mentally challenged mate?

Yes, a person who is not mentally challenged can divorce a person who is mentally challenged would have to be proven they are mentally challenged), but they would have to let
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Is mental illness and mentally challenged the same?

I don't think so. Mental illness refers to any of the many diagnosable disorders in the field of Psychiatry and mental health. They include disorders like major depression, sc