What was the effects of depopulation on black death?

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Black Death led to a sudden rise in real-wages, for both agricultural laborers and urban artisans - one that led to the so-called 'Golden Age of the Laborer', lasting until the early 16th century. That was since there wasn't almost no one to plow the fields.
The Black Death, also known as bubonic plague, ultimately killed over one-third of Europe's population during the Middle Ages. No matter your status or station in life, you were never free from the reaches of this disease, and a horrible fear of any illness swept through the continent. Anyone who had a fever, or a headache, or any other problem at all would be treated as one with this disease. Death carts came by each house every day to collect the bodies of the newly dead. Many people who had this disease, or who were sick from some other cause, were trapped inside their homes and left to die - so even if they recovered, they often died of thirst and starvation. Large groups of people often tried to stay on the move and 'outrun' the plague, but ended up spreading it.
Source: Streams of Civilization, Vol. 1, by Mary Stanton and Albert Hyma - p. 290
The population went from 5 million people to 2 million people when the Black Death had ended.
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What were the effects of black death?

The Feudal system collapsed because when a lot of the villeins and workers died, the lords had no one to work on the fields. Since the villagers couldn't do it themselves, they all abandoned their villages. If the lords and their families died, the left over villeins were free to move into the manor (MORE)

What were the effects of the black death on the people?

the effects were , the fleas bit the people which course a fiver which killed the people but some of the people who got the plague died with out the fiver. It also caused a reduction in the population of Europe. After the black death was over about 70%-75% of the population lost their lives.

What were the effects of the black death on France?

the french could not eat the snails and frog legs on top of the eifle tower in those times (made out of sticks) and took a poo on the moana Lisa in the art galery cave when the moana Lisa carved into a rock.

What effect did the Black Death have on Europe as a whole?

Well, the rich people in Europe (the royalty and church) thought that they were all that and a bag of potato chips. But, the black plague hit everyone, and this showed them that, maybe they were just like everyone else after all. Also, many, many people died. This means that lots of peasants died (MORE)

What were the long term effects of the black death?

The Black death resulted in many changes in Europe. First of all,the Plague was so devastating, that a good portion of the Europeanpopulation was wiped out. The scarcity of workers, made the feudalsystem now impractical. The demand for labor brought about thebeginnings of wage labor.

What was the effect of the Black Death?

The Black Death was one of the most devastating pandemics in human history, resulting in the deaths of an estimated 75 to 200 million people and peaking in Europe in the years 1348--50. [1] [2] [3] Although there were several competing theories as to the etiology of the Black Death, analysis of (MORE)

What effect did the Black Death have on the medieval society?

How Did the Black Death Impact On Medieval Society? Intro The Black Death, also known as the Bubonic Plague started in the East as early as 1340. Many people in Europe heard rumours about the plague in the East, but rumours were very common and were usually not very credible. The symptoms of the (MORE)

What are the effects of black death?

The black death wiped out the population of more than half of europe. . The black death wiped out the population of more than half of europe. . Over 7500 victims were dying from black death everyday

What was the effect of black death in Europe?

"The loss of 30% - 60% of the population" is the most obvious answer.. also about the wages getting higher an the peasants becoming freeman also the population of priest have gone down because of the black death .

How did the black death effect feudalism?

\n. \nThe Black Death killed many of the nobles' people (the serfs). This caused them to realize how much they actually need them. It brought the serfs up and the nobles down, bringing things closer to the renaissance, where most people were equal.

How did the black death effect Europe?

About 1 in 3 people died. It was avery long time before the population reach the levels that they were before. Imagine that 1 in 3 of all the people you know are gone. That means a loss of people who would buy or sell or fix things. It took more than 100 years before it all was back as before. It wa (MORE)

What was the positive and negative effects of the black death?

Well. Black Death was a terrible disease that spread throughoutEurope in the Middle Ages. It killed around 1/2 of the population.The positive effects of this was 1. Feudalism Declined - There wasno use for Fuedalism anymore in the High Middle Ages. 1000 - 1450C.E. About. 2. And that was the time of (MORE)

What are the effects that rural depopulation has on rural areas?

Serious emotional trauma for the aged left behind by youths in search of greener pastures, there are reports of rape incidences where young night marauders rape old women at night, when these aged ones are sick, they are left to die without health care since, there are no able bodied people to rush (MORE)

What was the effects of the black death of Venice?

A large number of the population died and there was a decline in trade from both land and sea. This would have decreased profits and the local (living) population would have suffered from a drop in the economy

What effect did the Black Death have on the crusades?

People died, so there were no soldiers to fight in the crusades, so the crusades fell apart. Also many soldiers returned home to find their family taken by the plague. It also broke the religious will of the soldiers. Many were fighting because they were trying to please the Pope and God. They thoug (MORE)

How do you depopulate?

wars are the mayor contributors of depopulation. Epidemic diseases has also done it's contribution to depopulation. But you just do not depopulate. Everyone dies, but not everyone dies at the same time. In order to become a conciderable depopulation you need an environment that allows for hundreds o (MORE)

What places did the black death effect?

The Black Death, which ravaged Europe from 1347 to 1352, started in central Asia. It caused widespread death and suffering in India and Persia before it reached Europe. It spread through Europe over the next five years, and killed large numbers of people in almost the entire continent. There were sm (MORE)

What were the effects on England after the Black Death?

Well people must have been still afraid they were for hundreds of years as it came back ever few decades England had lost one third of its population making it alot less people to buy stuff and the had to burn or bury bodies and get rid of homes and villages the people were in shock with the communi (MORE)

How did the black death effect the theaters?

The theaters where considered unholy because the "Black Death" would spread there. It was easy to spread because of the unsanitary conditions of the play houses. Rats thrived in these unclean places, along with the pluge carring fleas. As a result, the local city counsil wanted to close these theate (MORE)

How did the black death effect Shakespeare?

Shakespeare's sister Anne died at the age of 8 from thepneumonic plague, a disease related to the bubonic plague, whichwas called the Black Death (because of the black swellings orbuboes which formed in the lymph nodes). The Black Death or bubonicplague was no longer a problem by Shakespeare's day, (MORE)

What effects did the black death have on people?

Well, they died. But those who did not contract it changed much of the way they interacted with others. Large groups were discouraged and many of the schools and other social gathering places suffered. If not for cloistered religious orders, much knowledge would have been lost forever. The black dea (MORE)

What effects did the black death have on the farming?

Everybody was focused on curing the black death that the crops were left to die in the fields. Everyone thought they were going to die and the world would end so crops and livestock were left to die whilst everyone else lived each day like it was their last - they did whatever took their fancy and s (MORE)

What was the effect of the black death in middle ages?

It killed 3/4 of Europe and left whole towns empty. The people who were alive had to take over for the ones who had died. Just about every family lost one or more people. Children were the hardest hit. Just in Venice, Italy alone 55,000 people died and they were quarantined on an island off of the m (MORE)

Did the black death effect animals?

The Black Death took a toll on animals, but though we know some died, we do not know how many. Certainly, it kills rats, squirrels, mice and other rodents quite effectively. It is also very deadly to human beings. I have read that it killed cattle and other domesticated animals, but it is usually ha (MORE)

How did the trade effect the black death?

Trade affected the black death when Europe started trading with people all over the world. The living conditions on the ships were bad. there were rats that carried disease they caught from fleas. once the ships got to Europe the rats landed in the streets and with the diseases they carried, peopl (MORE)

What are the symptoms of the black death and what it did to those effected?

The Black Death was caused by fleas carried by rats that were very common in towns and cities. The fleas bit into their victims literally injecting them with the disease. Death could be very quick for the weaker victims. It symptoms were described in 1348 by a man called Boccaccio who lived in Flore (MORE)

What effects did the Black Death have on leisure and entertainment?

It made them pretty much non-existent. People were too busy worrying about losing their loved ones and their own lives, so they didn't spend much time on entertaining themselves. Theaters and public venues were closed down for fear of spreading the disease, and the only place that people gathered wa (MORE)

What effect did the Black Death have on the working class?

The Black Death wiped out most of the working class during the Middle Ages. This severally plunged Europe into an economic decline seeing as the feudal system couldn't support the population since there was no working class to work the lands to produce agriculture.

What were the effect of black death?

The plague killed between one and two thirds of all people in Europe- about 75 million. So many workers died that employers had to raise wages to attract workers. This is regarded as a turning point for the economy in Europe.

How did the black death effect life in Europe?

People were basically living in fear. They had believed the plague was sent by God as a consequence for wrong doings. It spread quickly and killed about 1/3 of Europe's population. It made Europe's economies drop dramatically as a result of the deaths. And many people wondered if it was the end of t (MORE)

How did black death effect religion?

The Black Death had many affects on religion. Most people believed it was God punishing them for their wicked ways and would go round whipping themselves to try and please God. Nobody knew anything about hygiene and good living conditions, so they believed a lot about religion whereas nowadays we k (MORE)

What were the effects of the black death on wales?

the effect in wakes was bad, its believed that 30% of the population died, people stayed in their homes and locked all the doors, let no one out or no one in. they would stay off the streets and the rats envoirment would get filthy and rats would stay and multiply

Who was effected by black death?

"To effect" means "to bring about, to achieve," etc. You are asking "Who was affected by the Black Death?" The short answer is "Everyone in plague-ridden areas." The long answer is: . Farming families, who lost members and therefore valuable workers. . Those who relied on the food from the far (MORE)