When did the term bipolar disorder succeed the term manic-depression?

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When bipolar became an official term. The following information was obtained from an article at bphope.com, under the "history" link, in an article titled "Through the Ages" by Stephanie Stephens. The change occurred officially with the publication of the DSM III (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) in 1984. The term bipolar was being used in descriptions of manic depression from some time in the 1950's I think, but see the comments section for a link to a paper that discusses the weaknesses of any term as yet.
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What is the difference between manic depression and bipolar disorder?

Manic Depression Bi-PolarThere is no difference between bipolardisorder and manic depression. Bipolar is the modern term for manicdepression. The term "manic depression" is mu

Bipolar vs depressive disorder?

Bipolar disorder is made up mood swings meaning your on the top of the world one moment and the next your really sad. depression is just the sad part. Other things like ADHD u

What is the term bipolar mean?

It means bouncing back and forth between two poles. Also known as manic-depressive, the individual alternates between states of manic activity and being depressed.

More about manic depression and bipolar disorder?

Manic depression and bipolar both refer to the same disorder. The individual will alternate between states of manic behavior and being depressed. Treatment is a combination of
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What is bipolar manic-depressive disorder?

Bipolar Disorder is a complex disorder that generally falls into one of a few different criteria sets. It is characterized by some combination of episodes of mania or hyperman