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The body's cholesterol is manufactured in the liver.

It is used in the liver to make bile acids where they are then stored in the gall bladder. Bile acids are used to dissolve fats from the food.

In addition, you should know,
  1. Cholesterol is needed to make every hormone in our bodies.
  2. Cholesterol composes almost 20% of our brain and nerves.
  3. Eskimo indians have a cholesterol total of 350-500, but they have the least heart troubles. Pacific islanders share similar results.
  4. Use of statin drugs, which is typically recommended by MDs when their patient has a number as low as 200, which is labeled as "high", has naturally led to an increase in the many variations of Alzheimer-type diseases (some of which can still be reversed by simply eating plenty of eggs and butter daily).
  5. Healthy cholesterol numbers are now considered to be between 220-290.
  6. Medical doctors (MDs) who say you need statin drugs with a total cholesterol of only 200 are merely drug pushers, educated in drug-pushing-funded universities. These doctors should be forced to live with Eskimos, not as punishment, but to save the MD from their average age of death, which is currently only 59. The public cannot afford to lose doctors, even ignorant MDs, at a younger age than the 80 year-olds they should be treating.

Total cholesterol is composed of HDL and LDL. One is "good" cholesterol, and the other is bad.

Bad cholesterol is made when the diet consists of too many fried foods and preferring well-done proteins, not simply because of saturated fats.

It is best to roast, stew, boil or steam meats, or grill to medium only. Eggs should be soft boiled or soft scrambled.

Bad cholesterol is also made from trans fats in diet, and also too many refined carbohydrates.

The goal is to have as much as possible of the "good" cholesterol, even if that means your total cholesterol number reaches 350. Thousands of Eskimo indians have demonstrated it's the healthiest range of total cholesterol.

Beware of statin drugs, they also have plenty of "side" effects.
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