Who's responsible if the dentist neglected to file the claim?

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Sorry if this is not what you want to hear, but you, as the patient, are still responsible for the charges. Most (but not all) insurance company will process the claim if it is made within one year of services. Get a copy of the charges from the dentist, and make sure they include the current ADA codes. Call your insurance company and ask about the claim. It is YOU the insurance has to to, since you are the covered party. (And who pays the premiums, either yourself or through an employer). The dental office only files insurance claims as a courtesy. Too many times the insurance company will tell you that a claim was never received, when in actuality it is on somebody's desk or garbage can. Regardless of that, it is still your responsibility to make sure your services were paid for.

If you have a claim that has not been filed by the dentist you first check with your insurance carrier to see if it has been received. I work with insurance companies and they are not allowed to trash or leave any claims lying around or they will be fined. There is a certain law called HIPPA that could get them in a lot of trouble. If they say that it has not been received, yes you can get the information from your dentist to file the claim. If the dentist is in your network under your insurance plan 9 chances out of 10 they have a contract with the insurance carrier to file the enrolee's claim. The reason for that contract is that when payment is made that payment will go to that contracted dentist regardless if you paid in full or not. Also, being that the insurance carrier has a contract with this dentist, have the insurance carrier contact the dentist office to see what has happen. I do it everyday.


As the previous two s clearly stated - the responsibility falls on the insured to follow up on claims for work they had performed. Even if the office failed or neglected to file a timely claim - balance is still your responsibility. As a person who deals with insurance on a daily basis i can appreciate the patients that care about their claims and give me a hand in getting them processed. We file insurance as a courtesy to our patients not because we are mandated or required in any way by the insurance company.
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Who's responsible for an error on insurance forms?

The applicant for insurance is responsible for providing accurateanswers to material questions on the application. Materialityrelates to facts based upon which the insurer decides whether toissue the policy, on what terms (such as if there any exclusions orlimitations), and at what premium.

If a medical claim is denied because the provider did not file in time is the patient responsible for payment?

Check out this page where Medicare talks about providers being responsible for billing errors if it's their fault http://www.cms.hhs.gov/manuals/13_int/a3700.asp CA Civil Code # 3517. No one can take advantage of his own wrong. 3520. No one should suffer by the act of another. 3526. No man is respon (MORE)

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Even if the company is now bankrupt they probably had insurance when they were in business but you will have to find out the insurance company. Try to contact the attorney that is handling their BK and notify him that you have a claim. Your best action is to file a claim with your insurance carrier (MORE)

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First you should get a lawyer one who does not receive any money until the claim is settled. His payment should be agreed on before he is hired. The lawyer should only receive e money if your case is settled in your favor. After hiring a lawyer have them check to see if you have pip insurance. PIP (MORE)

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Should you file a claim with your insurance?

Filing a claim: to do or not . It all depends. I personally only file a claim if it's going to cost significantly more than my deductible, is worth the effort to fix it, and I'm ready for my insurance premium to increase. If you are careful about how many claims you make and how often, you sho (MORE)

Do you have to file a claim after an auto accident?

Answer . you don't have to do anything...but you should and would be wise to so...your insuring contract will have wording similar to this, you agree to promptly report any and all losses if you're not at fault and wish to use the other company that's ok they will just close it once they k (MORE)

Your minor child injured someone severly in your home you are responsible Can you file a claim you knew she was a danger?

Answer . Yes, you can always file a claim (it costs you nothing) with your home owners insurance company, and most particularly should as the parents of the other child will more than likely file suit. There may be some exclusion (as not too many details in your question) that would not allow co (MORE)

Who files the claim?

When one visits a doctor's office, their insurance information isusually collected. After the visit, the doctor's office will billthe insurance company directly for their services. If any of theexpenses billed are not covered fully by the insurance company, theindividual will likely receive a bill f (MORE)

File a claim in bankruptcy court?

You should always confirm your claim by filing a claim form with the bankruptcy court. It confirms the amount you're owed. If the amount differs from the amount that the company has on file, you may need an attorney at some point, because if the company contests or disagrees with your claim, the com (MORE)

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There are many responsibilities of a dentist. Some of these includediagnosing oral diseases, promoting a healthy mouth and diseaseprevention, and interpreting diagnostic tests.

How do you file a life insurance claim?

Call the insurance company and tell the representative that you want to file a claim. You will be given instructions. You will have to complete a claim form that the insurer provides, and at a minimum, submit a certified copy of the death certificate. The insurer may or may not conduct a further inv (MORE)

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Can you file a claim on past injury at that you did not claim on?

It depends on the statue of limitations. Statue of limitation issimply an expiration date of when a legal action will be made rightafter the injury or crime was inflicted. The limitation varies depending on your state. For New York it is 6years, while in California the limitation period is not more (MORE)

Why would a dentist require a fee to submit your insurance claim?

I'm not a dentist, but have been marketing dental plans for 10 years. Here's my best guess: 1. Just like airline now charge to check a bag, expenses for dentists ( insurance, equipment, etc.) are increasing. 2. Add that to the fact that a doctor doesn't get paid by an insurance company for WEEKS (MORE)

Who do you file the claim with?

It's always best to file with your company assuming you have the appropriate coverage, then let them sort it out. Although you will incur you deductible. But if the other company accepts liability, you will get your deductible back eventually.

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In most of the states the statue of limitation is: 1). 2 years for personal injuries and 2). 3 years for property damage If you had your surgery within 2 years, you have a claim and you can still file. Talk to a lawyer.

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You may claim a dependency exemption for each qualifying child or qualifying relative. If you are the dependent of another taxpayer, you cannot claim any other person as a dependent. The qualifying child or relative must be a citizen, resident alien or national of the United States, or a resident (MORE)

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A quitclaim deed is the document by which ownership of real property is transferred. Once the owner has executed the deed and handed it over to the new owner, the new owner must record it in the land records immediately in order to document the transfer and notify the public of the change in owner (MORE)

How do you file a claim for life benefits?

You contact the insurance company, fill up the claim form and submit documents like proof of death, proof of relationship etc and then the insurance company will process your claim and settle the money

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First, notify your employer that the accident has happened. They will need to file a report with the State Worker's Compensation Board. (You should follow up to make sure this was done.) Next, see a doctor (your employer may assign an appropriate doctor) who can document the extent of your injury. F (MORE)

What do you need to do to file a claim?

It depends on your insurance company and local state laws, but normally, you just your insurance agent or the company. They may require you to call the police first, especially if it was a wreck.

How do you file a auto claim with ups?

Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Company Policy # AS2-C21-004175-332 (All Other States) Policy # AS1-C21-004335-262 (US Virgin Islands) Policy # AS2-C21-092036-212 (AK, CA, CO, HI, IA, ID, KS, MN, MO, MT, ND, NE, NV, OR, SD, UT, WA, WY) Policy # AV2-C21-004335-242 (RI, VA).

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If you wish to file an injury compensation claim you must find an attorney that will file the paperwork first. The court looks at the documents to see if you have grounds for a lawsuit before you go to court. Answer: First and foremost, you need to contact your employer and file the so-called "F (MORE)

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