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Alcohol was around for centuries as a component of wine and beer*, but it was not identified as a separate compound. The first person who discovered pure alcohol (ethanol) by distilling wine was a well known Iranian/ Persian alchemist by the name of Mohammad ibn Zakaria Razi (864-930 AD). He was born in the city of Ray, south of Tehran/ Iran. He is considered one of the greatest alchemists of all time and his work remained in use for over 10 centuries. He not only discovered alcohol, and the use of alcohol in medicine, but also discovered sulfuric acid. Razi wrote 184 books and articles in several fields of science. *As early as ancient Mesopotamia, the Sumerians made an alcoholic substance fermented from wheat and other materials.
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When was alcohol discovered?

Alcohol dates back to 5400-5000 B.C. from the residue of wine on ancient pottery artifacts. These archaeological findings were discovered in the northern Zagros Mountains loc

How was alcohol discovered?

well no one really knows as early man invented beer after, what I'm guessing, agricultural settlements started with basic crops such as wheat. beers made from wheat of which b

When was alcoholism first discovered?

alcoholism was first discovered in 1843 by a German doctor named Gutstaev Yorketn who was studying the properties of wine grapes and drinking 5-10 drinks everyday. -- Al

Who discovered the alcohol lamp?

Si wilfred zipagan .when he saw an alcohol drink and alcohol solution he tought that it can be flammable then he invented a time machine to travel to the past.

Who discovered alcoholism?

We do not know. Alcoholism has been with humans since beer was invented several thousand years ago.

How was the fermentation of alcohol first discovered?

Probably pretty much by accident. Primative man stored fruits and grains in containers made of animal skins and pots. Wild yeast infected the beverages and converted the sugar

Who discovered alcohol and in what year?

The discovery of alcohol was before the creaton of writing, so we have no record of just when, or who- but probably right after a caveman found that some of the wild grapes th

Who discover the alcoholic beverages?

No one can tell. Humanity has been making and drinking alcoholic beverages for solong that' it's no longer possible to pinpoint when we started,where we started and who was f
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When was denatured alcohol discovered?

Denatured alcohol wasn't "discovered", it was created. It's amixture of ethanol and something else to make it undrinkable (andtherefore avoid paying alcohol tax on it).