Why are body image concerns so dangerous?

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They are very dangerous because you can develop mental illnesses such as anorexia or bulimia which can kill you. People with these illnesses can also develop things such as depression and these take years to come back from.

Why are so many young people dissatisfied with their body image?

The response to that question is a matter of opinion since there are no hard *facts* with which to answer it, but it is my opinion that it is because of the attention given to

What is body image?

it is how you think you look but for most girls it is everyone but her opinion that count

When God created man in His image so does that mean physical body?

Answer . I've come to believe it means we are given the capability and knowledge to do right or wrong.That means with the mind or body of our own.With his image we have al

Are Americans too concerned with image and beauty?

As in any society, you will have some individuals who are centered on image, beauty, power, etc. It is not particular to just the American society. The majority are more reali

What are the conditions necessary for equilibrium in so far as linear motion is concerned Cite examples of moving bodies in equilibrium?

First condition for equilibrium . Insofar as linear motion is concerned, a body is in equilibrium if there is no resultant force acting upon it, that is if the vector sum of a

What is a body image?

body image means a person's idealized image of what their body is or should be like.

What tunic concerns image formation?

The Vascular Tunic. Formation of images on the retina include three processes: Refraction of light rays; accommodation of the lens; and constriction of the pupil. The pupil an

How might a parent help a teenager concerned about body image?

There are many things a parent can do to reduce the instances of eating disorders like anorexia in a teen concerned about body image. Most importantly is for the parent to enc
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Why is body image so important?

It is directly involved with confidence-which is the key to good relationships, job productivity, and and mental health among other things.