Why are my nails and hair brittle if i am taking prenatal vitamins?

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That's the hormones, happens to all pregnant women. The hair changes which is one reason you shouldn't color your hair as pregnant because it might turn different then usual. It goes back to normal after.
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What prenatal vitamins should you take?

During pregnancy, your iron requirement increases. Not many woman have sufficient iron stores to meet pregnancy demands. Some doctors also prescribe calcium supplementation. I

Can you take prenatal vitamins without being pregnant to improve hair?

Prenatal vitamins will not harm you if you are not pregnant. You can certainly take them, but they will not improve the health of your hair. Pregnant women have improved hair

Should a teen take prenatal vitamins for hair growth?

No, don't take prenatal vitamins unless you are trying to get pregnant, are pregnant, or are breast feeding. The vitamins are specially formulated for what a pregnant woman ne

Will taking prenatal vitamins cause facial hair?

i have started a course of folic acid over the last three months as i hope to try to fall pregnant but i have noticed excessive facial hair growth recently and dont know if th

Can a man take a prenatal vitamin?

Yes, it won't hurt you. It just contains more of some vitamins and minerals that you don't really need more of if you are not a pregnant woman.

Can teens take prenatal vitamins?

if you're pregnant, yes. although i should think it would do no harm to take them when NOT pregnant. However the vitamins are specifically for pregnant women and so the vitami

What is the best prenatal vitamins to take?

Your healthcare provider will be able to make the best recommendation based on your eating habits, nutritional needs, and how sensitive you are to what is in the vitamins. A

I started taking spring valley's gummy prenatal vitamins i heard it help hair and nail growthwhen taking prenatal vitamins and youre not pregnant can it throw off your cycle and make it irregular?

Prenatal vitamins such as Spring Valley's gummy prenatal vitaminscan be used to help hair and nail growth. It does not throw yourcycle and make it irregular if you happen to n

I'm not pregnant but I take prenatal vitamins for hair nd nail growth I'm 2days past due on my cycle Would the vitamins make the test come out positive Or should I wait for my cycle?

No, the vitamins would not make the test come out positive.Pregnancy tests look for a compound called hCG, which is not inprenatal vitamins. That said, 2 days late is awfully