Why are the ABC's most important to first aid?

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A: Airway B: Breathing C: Circulation
If the airway is obstructed the patient will not be able to breath and will die. Breathing is as important because without Oxygen the patient will die. The circulation spreads the Oxygen around the body.
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What is the importance of first aid training?

First Aid is responding to an emergency situation - heart attacks, bleeding, drowning, choking, poisoning, electrocution, spinal injuries, eye injuries and scalds and burns ar

Importance of first aid?

First aid is the First aid. Is is the initial treatment of injuries. Sometimes it's role is basic life support while waiting for advanced life support (Ambulance).

The most important rule in first aid for fractures?

In case of fracture the 1st rule of thumb is to take caution "not to cause any more damage to the fractured bone" . hence it must be checked that the Broken part should not

What are the abc's most important in first aid?

A - Airway - the patients airway must be clear and open. An unconscious patient lying supine will have an obstructed airway because the tongue will fall onto the posterior wal

Why are the ABC's most important in first aid?

I believe the ABCs you have in mind are the common acronyms of first aid standing for: Airway Breathing and Circulation (sometimes known as Compression) These are kn
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Why is it important to have knowledge about first aid?

It is recommended that everybody should do a First Aid + CPR course in their lifetime because it not only teaches you how to treat emergency wounds but also makes you the firs
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What does ABC's of first aid mean?

Airway - the airway of the patient is clear and nothing is blocking it. Including the tongue. Breathing - the patient has respirations, you can see the chest rising up and