Why do Asians smell sour and malodorous?

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I grew up around Asians from several different countries. My best friend and my goddaughter are Chinese. Not one of them ever smelled sour or malodorous that I can recall. I think this may be a case of over-generalization. You may know someone with poor hygiene or with different dietary habits, but that can have an effect on anyone. For instance, if a person eats a lot of curry, garlic, or onions, the scent may come through their pores. If it is a scent that you are not used to yourself, you will notice it more.
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How do you get the sour smell out of you'r clothes?

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How do you get the sour smell out of clean towels?

I use a little dab of bleach in the wash (or color safe bleach). It helps, but unfortunately once the smell gets in - it never truly goes away. Prevention is the best remedy!

Is honey spoiled if it smell sour?

I suppose, but it takes a lot for honey to go bad. (Unless it has been contaminated or mized wiht something else, honey is good for years for its shelf-life.)

Why does perfume smell sour on skin?

Perfumes start to smell sour when they are old. Try a new, fresh bottle. If you do have a fresh bottle, try a different brand of perfume. Perfumes can smell different on diffe
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How do you get the sour smell from washed clothes?

There are several things that should work. You can re-wash them in your regular detergent, then dry. Or you can wash them with a cup of baking soda instead. You can also wash

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To remove the sour odor of clothes you generally wash them (again if they have already been washed) with detergent. When my brother moved out of our parent's home he left his