Why do i love?

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It's a natural human function to love, fall in love, and be in love. Everyone loves somebody. I mean I don't know anyone that doesn't , do you?its easy to love you just gotto have somebody to love i mean like what gay idiot would keep him self bloked off from the world ,thats stupid . you should always keep an open heart.
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Why do i love him so much?

Because it is natural to be attracted to people and you can't really control your hormones and emotions over boys. If you want him to be your boyfriend don't be to obvious and

Why do i love this boy?

you love this boy because he makes u feel good and u trust him u would die if u didn't have him that's why you love this boy

Why do I love Answers.com?

Because it is the best website in the world, better than google, smarter than a million scientists. Answers.com knows the answer to life, truth, and everything else, at one po

Why do i love you Luis lerma?

because ur MINE & ONLY MINE! . so u bettterrrr NOT FLIRT! hahaa. jk i love u precioso . u make me feel sooooooo soooo happyy! ALWAYS & FOREVER & EVER . BABYYYYYYYY TE AMOOO

Why Do I Love David?

i love David archuleta for his cuteness and for how talented he is.DAVID I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why do I love Joey Milam?

I love Joey Milam because he is my all and everything. Without Joey my life really wouldn't be worth living. He makes me laugh. And he is really hot I'm not bragging though bu

Why do I love my girlfriend's snoring?

You love this because its who she is. She cant pretend to be anyone but herself in her sleep and you hearing her in your bed also makes you remember you've got her in your bed

Why do i love him so badly?

Because he may be your first love someone who cared about you very much or it could be lust, and attachment that often is mistaken for love.

Why do i love a boy?

Maybe it's because he's funny, good-looking, likes you too, or just because your body is telling you something..

Why do i love Goku?

he is charming and really cool imagine if he was in your life like a wife a brother uncle or dad

Why do I love her so much?

This person is worth very much for you. You are attracted in different forms. You are hoping for happiness for this other being as well as yourself. This person is part of you