Why do men wear moustaches?

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What is a moustache?

According to the handy-dandy dictionary, a strip of hair left togrow above the upper lip. .

What did the Swedish men wear?

Most of the Swedish men weared jeans and shirt. But officially theyweared formal dress. They like to wear confortable dress which isso demand in the world.

Why men don't wear bras?

Men don't wear bras because they like having erected nipples, and the bras will keep them inserted. The bra will degrade the man, and the men like being the superior sex. Wearing a bra will make them look silly, and therefore undermine their authority as a male. However, some men desperately need th (MORE)

What did Inca men wear?

the Inca mens wore cloaks,lion skins,and tunics which were knee length this is by :fatima thank you

What did pueblo men wear?

Pueblo men wore breechcloths. They had a belt to put them on and the to protect their legs, they wore leggings. They didn't have to wear the leggings though.

Why do Muslim men wear turban?

The wearing of the Imamah (Turban) is an important part of Islam.However, it is not compulsory to wear. In the time of the ProphetMuhammad (peace be upon him) Muslims wore the turban as a sign ofdifference between a Muslim and non Muslim. Also Muslims believe that the reward of the pray performed wh (MORE)

Why do Arab men wear turbans?

In many Islamic countries men are often found wearing a hearwear.The headwear differs from region to region in the form in some way.It is popuar among the Muslim countries due to the fact thatProphet Muhammad PBUH is known to wear a headwear of either whiteor black. Other than that for centuries, he (MORE)

Can men wear maid outfits?

Men can indeed wear maid outfits. This depends entirely on theman's level of comfort in the specific maid outfit.

What do men in Israel wear?

Secular Jewish Israeli Men dress in a common Western style, wearing jeans, pants, or shorts on their lower bodies and wearing t-shirts and sweaters on their upper bodies. Religious Jewish Israeli Men dress in more typical religious-wear including frock coats, top hats, and longer shirts. The younger (MORE)

Can Men wear the Bob haircut?

I personally think that a bob haircut can look great on men, if worn in a scruffy alternative way, especially in a side parting.

Can men wear dresses?

Technically, yes, they can, but depending on their religion, culture, and surroundings it may be humiliating, dangerous, or illegal to dress like a woman in public. It would also make them a transvestite.

How do you spell moustache?

There are two accepted spellings, with or without the "O" : mustache/moustache. (The growth of hair between the nose and mouth.)

What do men wear?

look around you. What ever they few comfortable in, and most of the time, what culture dictates. I for one, about 40% of the men do so, wear panties as more comfortable and women jeans since they fit better and nicer looking than a man wearing a potato sack, which are called pants. It is a culture i (MORE)

Who has the biggest moustache?

Dylan holloway of course!!!!! Dylan has the biggest moustache and sits by me in algebra!!! talk about creepy..................riley i hope you read this and i hope you like it....I'm not as funny as you or marki - in fact not even close. and i want you to rewrite this answer so its really funny!

What does the Moustache symbolize?

A moustache doesn't symbolize anything because both gender's can have it. It's just hair that grows on the top of your upper lip. But to be funny Is symbolizes HAIRYNESS...

Can women have moustache?

Yes, but not very possible Some women, who have hormonal imbalance usually have facial hair and in some cases a moustache too.

When will boys get a moustache?

Boys start getting facial hair when they are around 14 or 15 years old. The growth of facial hair indicates that the boy is getting physically mature and as he grows older the hair becomes significantly visible. The more testosterone produced in the body, the more facial hair a boy will have. Mou (MORE)

Do dragons have moustaches?

Yes, dragons do have mustaches, but they aren't like the ones people have. They're long and they part off to the side.

Can vampires get moustaches?

Yes, hair and nails still grow for a while after death so I don't see why they can't grow a moustache or beard.

What do men Muslims wear when they have to pray?

They should wear clothing during praying that is satisfying clothing requirement off praying. Refer to men clothing requirements. However, some Muslims may also wear a head cover as 'Takiyas' during salat (praying).

Why do Jewish men wear tefillin?

Jewish men wear Tefillin because the Torah says: "and you shall bind them a sign upon your arms and they shall be for a reminder between your eyes" Deuteronomy 6:8 Please see the related link for a more detailed explanation.

What do Mormon men wear?

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly called the "Mormon" Church) wear whatever they want and whatever is common in their culture. They do tend to dress slighly more modest and conservative than most Americans, but you probably couldn't pick one out in a crowd. When Ch (MORE)

Can men wear spandex in public?

Of course guys can wear spandex in public, its probably best to stick with a black pair, that colour does not make you look like a superhero, if that what you don't want... . I think what ever makes your body feel comfortable is alright, It takes some getting used to though as I have noticed mos (MORE)

What do men wear to attend a ball?

im guessing a suit or tux In truth it depends on if you are military or civilian. If you are in the military going to a military ball, most will require you to come in your dress uniform. Some will allow you to wear a tux. If you are civilian you should were a tux.

Why Irish men wear skirt?

they don't - Scottish men wear kilts on special occasions. Irish pipe bandsmen wear kilts only when playing music

Do men wear crochet scarfs?

Yes they do. Usually in darker or neutral colors and with tighter, simpler stitches like single crochet and half double crochet.

Why do walruses have moustaches?

The "hairs" are vibrissae, tactile sensory organs that help an organism learn more about its environment. The whiskers seen on a common house cat are the same thing.

Why do men like wearing leotards?

1. Because it doesn't have a waist that hurts you in the middel while doing excercise 2. Because the fabrics are nicer to touch than most other athletic garmets 3. Because the freedom of movements involved in being dressed with a single garmet that covers your torso an frees your legs and arms (MORE)

Why do Indian men wear a dhoti?

they wore cut off skirt and thongs and polo shirt and abercrombie sweet shirt in the summer and American eagle in the summer they also sometimes shopped at kohls...........

What do men of Poland wear?

Clothes. Very similar to what we wear in America although more often than not ,they have to dress warmer longer..

Why do men wear tight underpants?

They wear tight underpants for support and comfort. The "boys" need to be supported to help prevent injury during sports for example.

What is a moustache race?

Although there is a Moustache brand of mountain bikes, I'm going toguess you are actually referring to the Mustache Dache or theMoustache Run. These are fundraising running events to increase theawareness of Prostate Cancer.

Can men wear skirts and tights?

They can wear tights but not skirts.they wear tights when it is cold at winter. Yes men can wear tights and skirts -- good one is cord skirt that quite warm with nice soft warm tights - I already and didnt feel cold, I wear 100 deiner luxury tights and cord mini skirt and went for walk in winter (MORE)

Why do only men wear a yarmulke?

In traditional Judaism only men wear a Yarmulke (or Kippah) because only men are obligated to fulfill the timebound commandments of prayer. In Conservative and Reform Judaism, either men or women may wear a Kippah, though it is still much more common for men to wear them.

Why do men who do ballet wear tights?

Because that is and always has been the traditional costume for ballet dancing, regardless of sex. PS: this is not always the case because for example in shows, different costumes can be and are worn. They have much more stretch than trousers which is essential for free movement, important for a lot (MORE)

What belt do the Jewish men wear?

There is no special belt for Jewish men. But some Jewish men wear "tseetsteet katan", which is an undershirt that has fringes at the bottom.

What did the men wear on the Titanic?

it depends on the class, 1st and 2nd class dressed in what ever was fancy at the time, and 3rd class dressed in what ever clothes they could afford

What jewelry do men wear?

Earings! wristwatches , rings -------------------------------------- Most men do not wear jewelry except perhaps a watch.

Why a men have not beard or moustach?

Personal choice ! Many men choose to shave all their facial hair, while others (myself included) choose to have just a moustache, or a beard (or both !)

Are moustaches in for men?

Mustaches are the most in-vogue thing for men right now. They create the finely groomed distinction of the elite, upper-class 18th century male aristocrat, and the poor immigrant layman, working in a nondescript factory, able to communicate to his fellow mustached comrades at ease. The gentleman nev (MORE)

Can men wear other men underwear?

Sure, Maybe Wash them first ?!? use BossHead boxer briefs underothers.. as long as they are against the skin they will work reallywell