Why do older kids eat or chew on things?

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There are a few different reasons why older kids will eat or chew things. These actions may be associated with a certain reward for example.
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Why can't you stop chewing on things?

i have the same question man. i have been chewing on stuff since I've was kid. i have chewed on pencils, paper, pens, chairs, plastic, aluminum foil, fabric, blankets, pretty

How do you stop a dog from chewing on things?

The way to stop a dog from chewing on things is to just throw an empty water bottle to the dog. It makes the dog distracted from other things the dog chews on and it is safe f

What is the best thing for bulldogs to chew on?

A Nylabone type of product, or a large 'indestructible' toy ball is always a good plan. Bulldogs are capable of chewing up nearly anything, which leaves them vulnerable to cho

Do ferrets chew on things a lot?

Some ferret like to chew on things, like cat and dogs, they may fixate on certain things to chew on, especially rubber and foam items. Some may chew out boredom from being cag

Is jerky chew OK for kids to have?

I doubt it, to salty. I use it it is a little salty but dont use it more than about 5times a day or ur mouth starts to get real dry
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Can your kids get older?

you show them somthing they want to do that's more older people like. you can also give them a phone.