Why do peanuts cause choking in small children?

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Because the trachea is very tiny, so that type of food for children is very harmful.
A way you can resolve a choking is by:
Pom ping somebody on the abdominal decreases the volume of the chest cavity, forcing air go up in the trachea. the the victim will throw up the food that was on there.
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What causes choking?

An object or fluid that goes right into your trachea that makes breathing impossible.

Can one choke to death on peanut butter?

Yes. Two people I know of in a very short period of time choked and died on peanut butter even though rescue techniques were implemented until EMTs arrive.

Is peanuts bad for small dogs?

Peanuts are bad for all dogs. Dogs cannot digest peanuts and therefore it can mess up their digestive system. Eaten in excess, peanuts can make dogs very sick.

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Does acid reflux cause choking?

I have acid reflux and yes it does cause some choking...if food comes up and you swallow, you may end up choking on this partially digested food. Also, i sometimes wake up jus
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How can choking be avoided by children?

Watching children carefully to keep them from putting foreign objects in their mouth and avoiding giving young children food like raisins, round slices of hot dogs, and grapes
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What caused choking?

Choking is caused by food or an item being stuck in the esophagus. Esophagus is the passage to the lungs and the stomach. So if food gets stuck in the esophagus, the lungs get