Why do you consider drug addiction the most serious problem among teenagers?

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I think it is really sad to see people so young ruin their lives because they are addicted to a substance. But, really, drug addiction is only the result of a bigger problem, people go to drugs because they are trying to escape something else.
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What are the common problems among teenagers?

Adjusting to growing up, finding a sense of self, and choosing a career path, and well as bullying, conflict with other teens, and romantic difficulties, among others.

Why do teenagers get addicted to drugs?

Boredom more often than not, teenagers experimenting with drugs find themselves getting addicted, Teens who hang around with groups of other teens can find themselves being in

What is most serious drug problem in the US?

The person who posed this question was probably meaning illegal drugs, but the most serious is and has always been ALCOHOL. About three in every ten Americans will be involved

Why is drug trafficking a serious problem?

There are several reasons that drug trafficking is a serious problem. First, the inherent violence that is brings. Drug trafficking is a dangerous profession. It is illegal

Why drug addiction consider to behavior?

Drug addiction compels the addict to engage in a specific type of behavior, which is to consume the drug to which he or she is addicted. Nicotine addicts smoke cigarettes. Smo