Why does my babies hands swell?

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See your pediatrician as soon as possible.
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Why would your hands swell when you walk?

The reason is not clear although it is a common problem. It may well be that blood vessels are responding to the increased energy demands of your muscles

What can cause swelling on hands and feet?

This is a very common symptom of third trimester pregnancy. Many people also experience swelling (or edema) of the hands and feet when doing long runs or hikes. See a discussi

Why hand and feet swelling?

Because if there isn't enough blood in that part of body also if you worked or used them to much . it is nothing to worry about

Does alcohol cause swelling of hands?

Alcohol is capable of making hands and feet swollen. This isbecause alcohol can cause someone to retain fluid, if they arealready a bit dehydrated.

Can IV cause hand swelling?

when whatever is being iv'd doesn't go directly into the vein but leaks. your body will absorb it though. happens to me almost every time i go into hospital as i have tiny vei

Swelling of the arm and hand?

If your hand is swelling then you must of burt your self, spained something or may have even broken it. you should ice it what ever happens.. R.I.C.E! use it!
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Does red ant swell your hand?

It doesn't really swell your hand that much but, it sure does itch a lot. Fire ants can cause swelling, especially in numbers.