Why is Charles Krauthammer in a wheelchair?

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During his first year of medical School, Dr. Krauthammer dove into a swimming pool, and hit his head on the bottom. He has been confined to a wheelchair ever since. Most people don't even know he is in a wheelchair. He does not allow his disability to define him. -mitchellbard.com "Charles Krauthammer: Prize Writer"
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What is a wheelchair?

A wheelchair is basically a chair specially designed for a disabledperson or a physically challenged person who have been paralyzed ora handicapped. It contains wheels that can be controlled by hand incase of manual wheelchair.It has two small-diameter wheels attachedto the front axle, and two large-diameter wheels attached to therear axle. Manual wheelchairs can also be pushed by another personfrom behind. Please visit our medical chair store to learn more.

How does a wheelchair work?

It is like the way you use a bike the difference is you aren'tpedaling, you are using your hands to move around.

What president was in a wheelchair?

The US President, before & during WW2, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, was a victim of Polio..

What is the timeline of wheelchairs?

The first wheelchair was invented in 600. They became selfpropelled in 1655. They were first used in the shower in 1760. Theyfolded in 1932 and became motorized in 1950.

What does a wheelchair do?

A wheelchair should be regarded as a unique and individual piece of equipment designed to maximise someones mobility; promote good posture; prevent ulceration, deformity and pain; enable someone to maximise their ability in all areas of life.

How are wheelchairs made?

They are made with steel and fabric. Part by machine and part my manual labor. Need a wheel chair? Call 800-991-5953 or go to www.wecarelowcostmedicalsupplies.com to order.

What is a wheelchair made out of?

Most quality wheelchairs have a frame made of Aluminum because it is strong, lightweight and relatively easy to work with. Titanium is becoming more popular because it is lightweight. Some think it is lighter than Aluminum. Inexpensive wheelchairs are made of steel, but this makes the wheelchair very heavy.

How do you rent a wheelchair?

Look in the phone book under medical supply houses. They rent wheelchairs and all sorts of other medical related equipment. Your doctor or clinic can recommend one as well.

How did Charles Xavier end up in a wheelchair?

In a strange town near the Himalayas, Xavier encounters an alien calling himself Lucifer, the advance scout for an invasion by his race, and foils his plans. In retaliation, Lucifer drops a huge stone block on Xavier, crippling his legs. After Lucifer leaves, a young woman named Sage hears Xavier's telepathic cries for help and rescues him, bringing him to safety, beginning a long alliance between the two. Charles' spine was shattered. Leaving him in a wheelchair

Do you snowboard on wheelchair?

yes you can snowboard in a wheelchair if you like in the united kingdom they make special wheelchair boards that u snap on your wheelchair and the have a strap and a buckle to strap on to the person so the don't fall they make them wide and long so that you can do tricks but i don't recommend them

How does Charles Xavier from X Men get put in a wheelchair?

Charles Xavier was crippled by an alien called Lucifer who was sent by his people to scout out earth for an invasion after Charles Xavier ruin there plan's of the invasion Lucifer dropped a huge stone block on Charles Xavier legs crippling his legs

Why do people have wheelchairs?

because they have some problem that gives them an inability to stay on their feet. so they sit and roll!

Does Charles krauthammer have a health problem?

He is paralyzed from an accident in his first year of medical school. He uses a mechanical wheelchair.

How big is a wheelchair?

A wheel chair is measured professionally to the size of the person who uses it, if it is for a child then the chair will have to be adjusted to that particular child, for adults depending on the size and weight of the person.

Was Charles krauthammer born a Jew?

Krauthammer today describes himself simply as "not religious." However, he attended the Herzliah High School in Montreal, which is also known as the United Talmud Torahs - a private Jewish day school, and the same school that singer Leonard Cohen went to. So he certainly had a Jewish upbringing, and the answer to your question is almost certainly yes.

Is Charles Krauthammer paralyzed?

Yes. Dr. Krauthammer became paralyzed after a diving accidentduring his first year of medical school.

What is the purpose of wheelchairs?

As the main purpose of wheelchair is to support the disabled and make them feel independent, these handicap products are technical designed and developed with care to meet the purpose and fulfill the needs of physically challenged person.

Is Charles krauthammer married?

According to an article by Mitchell Bard, Charles Krauthammer is married to Robyn, whom he met when they were students at Oxford. They have an adult son, Daniel.

Why are wheelchairs important?

wheel chairs are important because there are people who from birth can't walk. when the elderly get to a certain point they no longer have the strength to walk that well any more. also it makes health care providers jobs easier to move a patient from one place to another. just in general wheel chairs make people's lives easier to maintain that don't have the ability to move.

Is Charles krauthammer a medical doctor?

Yes, he graduated from harvard Medical School in 1975 and was boardcertified in psychiatry in 1984.

Does Charles krauthammer breathe with a ventilator?

I can not answer this from personal knowledge but I believe the answer is "no". He is paralyzed at a level that reduces some of the natural muscle strength to raise the ribs and expand the chest space to breath normally. So what you see is the compensation by other muscles to inflate the chest to maintain normal amount of air movement while talking (ventilation).

Is Charles Krauthammer a quadriplegic?

Charles Krauthammer is a paraplegic. While attending medical schoolin the 1970's, Charles Krauthammer was paralyzed when he hit hishead at the bottom of a pool when diving off of the diving board.He has been confined to a wheelchair since then. He has limitedmovement in his arms and hands, but no movement in his legs.

What if your in a wheelchair how do you get a boyfriend?

Be yourself :) Improvement ; I am 20 years old. I am in a wheelchair. I had my first boyfriend when I was 14. I had my daughter when I was 17. My present Partner and I have been together for almost two years now.

Does Charles Krauthammer have a family?

Yes, Charles Krauthammer does have a family. He is currentlymarried to Robyn Krauthammer and they have one child named Daniel.

Does Charles krauthammer have the use of his hands?

Charles Krauthammer is only paralyzed from the waist going down.This therefore means that Charles Krauthammer can be able to usehis hands.

What is a Hemi wheelchair?

Hemi wheelchairs have adjustable-height seats and are lower than traditional wheelchairs. They are used by short patients (as it is easier to sit down) and arm amputees (who can then propel themselves using their feet).

How was Charles Krauthammer paralyzed?

He jumped in to a waterless pool in his freshman year at Harvard medical school and was hospitalized for a year and is paralysed from the neck down

Who uses wheelchairs?

A range of people can use wheelchairs, from the temporarily immobile to those who are paralyzed.

Who is in a wheelchair on degrassi?

The person who was in the wheelchair was Aubrey Graham (rapper Drake). He played Jimmy Brooks.

Do they have wheelchair paintball?

You could try to play paintball in a wheelchair, but there is not event where only people in wheelchairs play. You would also need to play speedball (flat grass with inflatable bunkers) otherwise the terrain would be a problem. Besides this, a large part of paintball is using both hands while moving, and hiding all of your body behind a bunker, which would be frustrating to do in a wheelchair.

Is Charles Krauthammer a quadraplegic or paraplegic?

In his first year of medical school, Charles Krauthammer had adiving accident that left him a paraplegic. Eventually, he became adoctor and is board certified in psychiatry. Krauthammer is acontributing editor at the Weekly Standard as well as a politicalcommentator.

Who Needs a Wheelchair?

disable people (handicap) This isn't exactly true. Some people might need a wheelchair simply due to frailty or old age, not because of a disability - we need to be aware that they are two different things. A young person with a disability is very different from an elderly person who may become reliant on a wheelchair due to their condition.

What is the role of wheelchairs?

Wheelchairs are designed for people who cannot support their weight on their legs, or for those whose balance is too impaired to stand. Wheelchairs may be short-term or long-term mobility aids.

Is Charles krauthammer a quadriplegic or a paraplegic?

Charles Krauthammer is a paraplegic. He was paralyzed in a divingaccident in his first year of medical school.

Why does Charles Krauthammer have a breathing problem?

It is difficult to see with him wearing a suit, but it appears he's using auxillary & chest muscles to expand his lungs, as opposed to a contracting diaphragm. (COPD?)

Why are wheelchair useful?

they are useful because it assist other who are not able to walk ormove certain bodyparts to get were they need to go.

Why does charles krauthammer breath funny?

After an accident in 1972. He was left paralyzed fom the waist down and partially paralyzed from the waist up

Which vertebrae did Charles krauthammer break?

Based on his function my guess is c5 and c6 or C6 & c 7 If he broke c4 or above he would likely be on ventilator 24/7

What device does Charles krauthammer use to help him breath?

Charles Krauthammer is not completely paralyzed. He has some use ofhis hands and he is able to breathe without assistance, but he hasto control his breathing.

Does Charles krauthammer have breathing help?

He appears to be breathing with, what are called accessory muscles and not his diaphragm which is the primary muscle of inspiration.

Does Charles krauthammer have ms?

Dr. Krauthammer was paralyzed in a diving accident while attendingHarvard's Medical School. It did not stop him from earning his MD.He is truly an inspiration!

Did Charles Krauthammer predict that Obama will be re-elected?

Not exactly. Mr. Krauthammer is a well-known and widely respected conservative columnist and he has been very critical of Mitt Romney's campaign, as have some other Republicans. In addition to being upset by how awkwardly Romney has performed so far in his overseas trip, Krauthammer has said that Romney needs to improve his message and relate better to the American public or he will lose in November.

Does Charles krauthammer own a yacth?

He just said he did on the O'Reilly Factor 8/14/2012. He said it was in the Caribbean

Is a wheelchair a noun?

Yes, wheelchair is a noun, a singular, common, concrete, compound noun; a word for a chair constructed with wheels, a mobility device; a word for a thing.

How do you open a wheelchair?

pull the armrests apart from eachother and check to see if there is a lockign mecinisim ( every chair is diferint this is just a general statement)

Why is Charles Krauthammer well known?

Charles Krauthammer is a Pulitzer-prize winning columnist. He writes articles for The Weekly Standard, and is a panelist on the Inside Washington news programme. The subject that most interests him is medical ethics.

What is a good wheelchair?

A good wheelchair should be one that takes all the below intoconsideration: 1. Weight a. standardweight b. lightweight c. ultralightweight 2. Materials Used a. steel b. steel & aluminum mix c. aluminum T6 d. titanium 3. Cost & Reach a. low cost, low quality, bad warranty b. medium cost, acceptable warranty c. medium-high cost, lifetime warraty d. too high cost, can not purchase 4. Ergonomics & Fit a. Standard wheelchair - uncomfortable b. Ergonomic wheelchair - BEST c. Custom Wheelchair - cost Please visit Karman Healthcare's website to find a dealer locatorand consult with your local DME specialist for the PEFECT MOBILITYEQUIPMENT that FITS YOUR NEEDS TODAY or contact 1-800-80-KARMA

What movie and television projects has Charles Krauthammer been in?

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What are the release dates for The Daily Show - 1996 Charles Krauthammer 19-11?

The Daily Show - 1996 Charles Krauthammer 19-11 was released on: USA: 23 October 2013

What jobs can you get when your in a wheelchair?

Maybe an office job, or a job in the hospitals or doctors orsomething working on the reception answering phones and doing thepaperwork. Hope this helped X