Why is being overweight dangerous?

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It can cause Obesity, Heart disease, Blood problems, Death, sometimes even cancer.

I was overweight, and i began to become Obese and almost heart problems, i could breath sometimes i lost my weight and i am now fine. It can cause diabetes because you most likely are eating too much sugar. It can be dangerous to others because your big tummy can get in the way. (I learned this on George Lopez the TV show)
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What is it like being overweight?

It depends on the person perspective on there weight. Did you know in some countries being overweight is atractive and the only way to get married? The skinny and pretty people in the country are consitured UGLY. I for one think being overweight its stressful. I hate it, it makes me want to never (MORE)

Why is being overweight bad for you?

It puts unneccesary stress and strain on your joints and vital organs. It can cause breathing difficulties and high-blood pressure. Plus, if you're overweight you're obviously eating too much fat which blocks up your arteries and can cause stroke or heart-attack. Often overweight people can suffer h (MORE)

Can you get a beautiful figure after being overweight?

You have to answer that yourself. Beautiful is what you believe it to be. Many women who think they are overweight already have a beautiful figure.. If you prefer to look like Cher, then you have a lot of work ahead. You may also have plastic surgery ahead because a common problem with drastic weig (MORE)

How do you prevent being overweight?

You can do many things: Exercise and this doesnt just mean running as many people immediately think of and are put off by. People can do exercise through sports that they enjoy or electronic games like dance mat. Eating healthily is a an obvious choice but it is easy to do. You can still enjoy e (MORE)

Is it possible to be overweight without being obese?

It is possible to be outside what is considered normal and fall into the obese category in the charts without being obese. It is a common occurance in body builders that the dense muscle mass puts them well over the normal weight for their height, yet there is no fat on their bodies.

What are the risks of being overweight?

Coronary heart disease . Type 2 diabetes . Cancers (endometrial, breast, and colon) . Hypertension (high blood pressure) . Dyslipidemia (for example, high total cholesterol or high levels of triglycerides) . Stroke . Liver and Gallbladder disease . Sleep apnea and respiratory problems . Oste (MORE)

Is being overweight okay?

Yes big is beautiful too ya know!!! But the more overweight you are the more likely your prone to bone breakage and diabetes and such. So not too over weight cause it can be bad on your body.

How many disease are caused by being overweight?

There are many diseases caused by obesity.Here is a partial list: Congestive heart failure angina Myocardial infarction high blood pressure deep vein thrombosis stroke diabetes migranes gout osteoarthritis sleep apnea gallstones fatty liver disease high cholesterol There are others. (MORE)

How can being overweight affect your health?

High blood pressure Type 2 Diabetes Heart Disease Back, neck, and other bone and joint problems Carpal Tunnel Gout Infertility Pancreatitis Incontinence Increased risk of Cancer Increased risk of Sleep Apnea Increased risk of Stroke Increased risk of Heart Attack Extreme cas (MORE)

What diseases are associated with being overweight?

It can cause cancer for sure, but other than that the main diseases people get from being overweight come from a weak immune system. Other problems such as high blood pressure and diabetes can be health issues but they may not necessarily be diseases.

Compare being obese to being overweight.?

Being overweight just means being heavier than the medically desired weight for one's age, sex, build and height.. In a dictionary, obese is defined as "grossly overweight".. Being obese is also a medical condition defined by the American National Institutes of Health as having a BMI of 30 and abo (MORE)

Can being overweight stop periods?

Yes, I was more than 85 lbs. overweight and I had a very irregular period - like months in between periods. I went to the doctor and she gave me something so I'd get my period again, but it only worked for about 2 months and she didn't talk to me about losing weight even though we both knew I wa (MORE)

Which is better being overweight or being skinny?

Personally I don't see much difference the skinny is smaller but there is a red light that stays on when it is on standby, there is no off switch just standby/restart, and the lid goes up so if you want to pile stuff on top if it this isn't your ps2. The fat ps2 is bigger, heavier but it has an of (MORE)

Is being overweight a sin?

Answer No, it is not a sin. Many overweight people have insulin resistance (often without being aware of it) and that can cause weight gain or obesity. That is not a sin. It is a health predisposition. Moreover, all people who are obese have developed insulin resistance. Another opinion In (MORE)

How do you stop being overweight?

consult your doctor. Get into a healthier lifestyle with eating a proper diet and exercise regimen. best exercise to start with is walking. BTW:keep away from junk food and soda.

What are the possible effects of being overweight?

Being overweight is not healthy, hence why it is called OVERweight. Keeping a healthy weight is ideal, because overweight people and animals experience 500% more health issues than healthy weight people and animals. WHen you are overweight, you are at risk for hundreds of health issues. SO, get your (MORE)

What is being overweight?

The medical definition of overweight is having the Body Mass Index (BMI) of about 25-30. Above 30 is considered obese. There is BMI calculator on the internet. It's not a perfect test, but then no screening test is perfect. It's a good guideline for the average person. It's not accurate if you're ve (MORE)

Positives and negatives of being overweight?

Recent scientific studies have shown that moderately plump people are actually healthier than slim, skinny or fat people and are oftenperceived by others to be younger than they actually are. The negatives of being really overweight are/ could be : risk of heart disease, risk of diabetes, reduced l (MORE)

Can being overweight cause stomach ulcers?

it can, even if your too skinny Another answer: Most stomach ulcers are caused by bacteria and can be treated by antibiotics. They have nothing to do with your weight.

Is being overweight harmful to your health?

Very much so, yes. It drastically increasing your risk of blood clots due to plague build up, and blood clots can cause infarction's. Infarction's are things like heart attacks, strokes, and pulmonary embolisms. Being overweight also increases your risk of getting Gout, which is a type of arthrit (MORE)

Does being overweight cause diabetes?

Yes, being overweight can sometimes cause diabetes. It depends on other factors also but being overweight or obese will increase the chance of diabetes

Can migraines and being overweight be related?

Actually, yes. Some people get migraines, or they're made worse by eating some types of food. Keep a diary of the foods you eat around the time you get a migraine to see if theres any similarities.

What does being overweight or obese increase the risk of?

Some things being obese or overweight increases the risk of getting type 2 diabetes, conary heart disease and stroke, certain types of cancer, and a lot more things. A little advice is that you ask your Doctor about it and ask him ways you could lose a bit of weight NATURALLY WITHOUT throwing up, de (MORE)

Does being overweight cause depression?

Yes it does because it's hard to feel good about yourself after years of being teased and being made fun of by girls because you hold all of that in and try to keep your pride. Also, you probally don't tell your parents because you don't want to feel like you have a problem and you most likely look (MORE)

What are some consequences of being overweight?

The biggest risk of being overweight (keep in mind, I'll be speaking as if you meant 'morbidly obese' or over 100 lbs overweight) is a heart attack. Your heart is a muscle, like any other in your body, and it's constantly working to pump blood all over your body. The more body you have, the harder y (MORE)

Is being overweight a choice?

Yes it is! You have the option to eat and not limit yourself on the foods you eat. You are in control of your body not anyone else, only you. So, yes being overweight is a choice... Unless it's something medical that is in your body making you gain weight.

Is being overweight a big deal?

You also can enjoy your life very well! Believe yourself! Fat is no problem. If you really are overweight it is not the end of the world nor should it be the end of you, yes losing weight can be very tough for some but it is always possible. You need to look into yourself and find out what is cau (MORE)

Why are being obesity and overweighted health concern?

being overweight/obese is a concern mostly where your heart is concerned. the higher the activity the higher the workload. also it puts you at risk for all kinds of diseases such as diabetes(which can cause the loss of limbs and blindness and kidney failure ect),heart disease, high blood pressure, h (MORE)

Is being 20 pounds overweight fat?

I personally am about 18 lbs overweight. It's really about confidence if you are always wondering if your overweight and constantly looking at your self and are not happy with it you should try to work Out and lay off Ben and jerrys. But really I think I am beautiful. ;) I don't think 20 lbs is a pr (MORE)

What are emotinal associated with being overweight or obese?

There are many emotions that can go along with being overweight or obese. While some people are able to embrace their size and love them selves, many cannot. These people are often targets of hurtful words, especially children who are teased. Media often negatively portrays people who are overweight (MORE)

Can being overweight delay your first period?

Yes, but it depends on your age and how much you ate overweight. If you are in middle school, being overweight would probably be 130lbs+, and if that's your case, then yes your period will be delayed. If not then nope, it'll be coming at age 9-17! :) hope this helps...;) btw I'm in gr7 I'm 100 l (MORE)

How does being overweight effect sporting ability?

Well hello, my name is Katie and I was fat. It was really horrible because people would be teasing me and bullying or picking on me so that wasn't a very nice look to have but anyways, I joined the try to fight fat club near Kilburn but there are different ones all over the world there's even some i (MORE)

Is being overweight or obese a cosmetic problem?

Not only a cosmetic problem. Obese people suffer from many health disorders: heart disease, diabetes, problems in sexual life, thyroid gland problems, as well as mental state disorders- stress, depression, low self esteem. It is a condition that should be treated, and better to say - prevented.

What are the issues with being overweight?

Obesity is a very dangerous and unhealthy state for many people.Besides lower self-esteem, depressions, weakness, it can lead toserious health disorders such as hypertension, that results inheart disease, fat and carbohydrate metabolic imbalance, diabetesmellitus, etc. See this article for more info (MORE)

What are health problems if being overweight?

Being overweight or obese can have a serious impact on health.Carrying extra fat leads to serious health consequences such ascardiovascular disease (mainly heart disease and stroke), type 2diabetes, musculoskeletal disorders like osteoarthritis, and somecancers (endometrial, breast and colon).

What is the most common cause of being overweight?

A bad diet - and lack of exercise ! If you consume more caloriesthan your body needs - the only option is for your body to convertunused calories to fat. Exercise burns calories - thus keeping yourbody healthy, and your BMI low.