Why is it important to use the correct fire fighting equipment for Electrical and Non electrical fires?

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Water conducts electricity and is therefore contraindicated for use on energized electrical equipment, however it is much cheaper than the chemicals that can be used on energized equipment making it more economical when water is able to be used. Similarly water should not be used on grease fires as it will spread out the grease and the fire rather than smothering it.
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What is the consequence of using incorrect fire fighting equipment?

The worst case scenario: you experience a horrifying flaming death. . Answer . And aside from getting killed, one could get someone else killed. (Also, remember that smoke kills more people than the flames of a fire.) Then there's the fact that one could be ineffective in one's fire fighting ef (MORE)

Design OF A fire fighting system for electrical control building?

we have to distinguish between firefighting and fire alarm system. fire fighting is mechanical work (either sprinkler system or Foam or CO2 or FM200) and there is fire alarm or detection system this is an electrical thing that includes ( detectors an fire alarm system) for electrical control buildin (MORE)

What are the consequences of using incorrect fire fighting equipment on electrical fires?

Using improper fire fighting equipment on an electrical fire can easily result in an incomplete extinguishment of the fire. It can then rekindle and begin anew. It is also possible to actually make things worse by dispersing the fire, or by exposing anyone using that incorrect equipment to electrica (MORE)

What fire fighting equipment do you use for a non-electrical fire?

Well, that depends. If the electricity is still turned on then we would use a CO2 extinguisher. If it is de-energized, then it would be treated as a normal fire, and you could put it out with a hose stream. In a perfect world though, CO2 is the best because it does no more damage to whatever is on (MORE)

What fire fighting equipment do you use for nonelectrical fires?

Extinguishers rated Type A which can be water based. These are not effective (and cause more harm than good) with B and C fires which are chemical ( such as gasoline fuels, and electrical- these must be snuffed out with Co-2 or other non-water-based extinguishers. an all-purpose fire extinguisher- e (MORE)

Electricity for electric fires comes from where?

Heat produced in a wire is directly proportional to the square of current. A wire can withstand only some specific amount of heat. When current increases above the capacity of wire/appliance,it catches fire\n\n

Why is special fire fighting equipment needed for electrical and non electrical fires?

Water conducts electricity and is therefore contraindicated for use on energized electrical equipment, however it is much cheaper than the chemicals that can be used on energized equipment making it more economical when water is able to be used. Similarly water should not be used on grease fires as (MORE)

Why is it important to use the correct fire fighting equipment for electrical and non electrical?

It is important because fire equipment that has not been rated for electrical fire use may conduct electricity and electro-fry the user, whereas equipment such as electrically rated fire extinguishers (class C) will not conduct electricity, therefore keeping the operator safe.. If you want more (MORE)

What fire fighting equipment do you use on an electrical fire?

A class "C" extinguisher (e.g. dry chemical or carbon dioxide) would be the choice for this one. However, if you can de-energize the electrical circuit, you would then be able to use water or another extinguishing medium on the fire.. It might be a good idea to de-energize the circuit ASAP anyway, (MORE)

What is an electrical fire?

It is a fire that is started by an electric fault. Oh, don't use water to put it out. That would be a reckless thing to do, simply because you could get a severe electric shock. An electric fire is caused by fault as it says above.

What happens if you use water on an electric fire?

If the energized sources has not been turned off, "tripped", or disengaged. The combustable material that is on fire will be energized causing the water that comes is contact to be energized as well.

What fire fighting equipment do you use for an electric fire?

An electrical fire is a class B fire. If possible, the electricity causing the fire should be shut off. The most common fire extinguisher for this type of fire is an ABC dry chemical extinguisher. Class C can be used in a pinch, but a class A should NEVER be used if the electricity is still present (MORE)

What type of fire extinguisher do you use for electrical fires?

It is the Class C fires that invlove electrically energized equipments, and they are suppressed using CO 2 extinguishers or dry chemical extinguishers. Certainly the use of water or water-based extinguishers or other water-based suppression equipment is not to be considered.

What is used to put out electrical fires?

The first thing to do would be to remove the power source (turn off the electricity), if it's easy to accomplish. Carbon Dioxide works well. They used to use Halon, but I believe it is banned, now. There are some dry chemicals which also will work well to extinguish the fire, but will make it dif (MORE)

How do you extinguish a non-electrical fire?

you extinguish fires a few different ways, by removing the material being burned, cooling it with water (from a fire engine or "water can"), taking away oxygen from it with a CO2 extinguisher or AFFF foam, or using chemicals to stop the chemical reaction that is taking place (with a dry chemical fir (MORE)

Can a fire blanket be used on electrical fires?

Yes and No! Electrical fires are not really fires, the electrical sparks cause the ignition of the combustibles around it. Thos fires can have a blanket used in their extinguishment. The power source needs to be removed to stop the sparking.

What type of fire extinguisher should be used for electrical fire?

Carbon dioxide, Xenon or - if it's all you've got - foam. Or a fire blanket works on electrical fires too if they are small enough. Basically anything but water. As with any fire though, your safest bet is to evacuate the building and call the fire brigade. Never put yourself in danger to fight a f (MORE)

What fire extinguishers do you use on a non electrical fire?

Water is good as it will cut off oxygen and cool the heat source. Powder and foam will smother to cut off oxygen. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) will cut off oxygen but blast of gas may spread ther fire by blowing light material such as paper causing it to set fire to other things. Don't use water on o (MORE)

How do you fight electrical fire in data center?

Most modern data centres have a 2 stage detection system and some form of fire suppression system. Stage one detection is very sensitive. These very early detection systems can detect tiny amounts of smoke in the air and give an alarm before a fire can really get started. These alarms enable a (MORE)

Electrical fires are best extinguished using?

Baking Soda & Class-C or ABC Fire Extinguisher If a fire extinguisher is not available and the fire is small, dousing it with enough baking soda can put it out. If you have one, use a class-C or multi-purpose ABC fire extinguisher to put out the flames. You can not use any other kind of fire exti (MORE)

Why wouldn't you use a water fire extinguisher on an electrical fire?

If you use a water extinguisher on an electrical fire you will more than likely be electrocuted. Fire fighters use a certain spray pattern if they have to use water on an electrical fire so that they electricity does not travel up the water stream to shock the person on the nozzle, anyone else touch (MORE)

Which fire extinguisher would you use to put out a electrical fire?

The extinguisher that has only a green triangle on it would be a really BAD choice because it probably contains water for putting out Class A fires of ordinary combustibles. An electrical fire (Class C) is signified by the letter C in a blue circle. Or, you can turn off the electricity and use (MORE)

Can you use water on an electrical fire?

No, water as a medium contains hydrogen and oxygen elements, both which transmits electricity, hence making with water while extinguishing type C fires, one could be electrocuted.

How do you fight an electrical fire if have no fire extinguisher?

First, if you have any doubt that you can fight it safely, get out and call 911. If it is a small fire and you can safely reach the plug-in, unplug it. If not, go to the breaker box and cut off the main breaker. Remove any combustible material that may be next to the fire that the fire could spread (MORE)

What is the correct fire extinguisher to use in an electrical fire?

At the risk of sounding to vague, rule of thumb use a red one. Try using one that has the letters A, B, C in the diamond (classifications). NEVER USE AN H2O FIRE EXTENGUISHER! (Most clmmonly silver). Make sure all power is disconnected AsAP as well, then you can use a H2O one.

What extinguisher to use on an electrical fire?

In the USA an electrical fire is Class C, so you would use a Class BC or ABC for an electrical fire. In other places, electrical fire is Class E. You would use a dry-chemical, CO2, or "clean agent" (Halon) for an electrical fire, as well as TURNING OFF the electric supply.

How can you prevent fires from electrical equipment?

The best way to prevent short circuits that lead to fires is making sure that your over current protection is sized to the wire that it is protecting. #14 wire with a 15 amp breaker, #12 wire with a 20 amp breaker, #10 wire with a 30 amp breaker and #8 wire with a 40 amp breaker. These are common si (MORE)

What Fire Extinguisher To Use On Non Electrical Fire?

Fire extinguishers are separated into distinct categories, each with specific types of fires that they will effectively and safely put out. Class A is used for wood and paper type fires. Class B is used for liquid fires, such as gas/petrol. Class C is used for electical fires. Class D is used for f (MORE)

Why are fire extinguishers not used on electrical fires?

Water is conductive and can thus aid the fire instead of the extinguishing thereof. Type C extinguishers is made especially for electrical fires and can thus be used. In computer server rooms or laboratories with sensitive equipment, you do not want to release a dry powder extinguisher, so use a CO2 (MORE)