Why is my period bright yellow. i havnt had a period in 2 months. im not pregnant. this morning i thought i finnay started but when i wiped it was bright yellow.the toilet was full of yellow not red?

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Yellow vaginal discharge is a sign of infection. You should see a Dr right away.
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Is bright yellow urine normal?

It's not necessarily a danger sign. You may be simply offloading a high concentration of vitamin C (which, when you over-consume, simply dumps the excess to the urine), or betacarotene, the precursor to vitamin A, and the coloring agent in lots of orange fruits and veggies such as carrots or cantalo (MORE)

What does it mean if urine is bright yellow?

I have experienced very bright and/or dark yellow urine after taking vitamins. Some vitamins are more likely to do this than others. I don't know if it's a nutritional thing or a food color thing. I don't know of any medical condition that would cause this if you are not on a vitamin that is doing i (MORE)

I've missed my period by 3 days and suspect I'm pregnant. I'm concerned because my urine is a bright concentrated yellow even though I'm drinking a ton of water. Is that normal?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nwell you might just have an urinary infection you should check with your doctor!\n. \nAnswer\nAre you taking a multivitamin by any chance?\n. \n Answer \n. \nI have no idea if you are pregnant, but as far as your bright yellow urine this also can be caused by (MORE)

What causes bright yellow urine?

Answer Are you taking vitamins? A common reason is from multivitamins. Vitamin A & Vitamin B tends to make your urine a highlighter yellow.. I have just researched that drinking too many energy drinks that contain B Vitamins can do this too.

Name of A bright yellow moth?

There are hundreds of species of yellow moths in the US alone, thousands if not tens of thousands worldwide. The most common yellow moths in the eastern US are the crocus geometer, rosy maple moth, imperial moth, male io moth, and a few others.

What do you call a bright yellow diamond?

A 'fancy yellow diamond' label could be applied to a 'bright yellow diamond'. However, a gemologist's opinion would be required to confirm that the stone you reference is indeed of this high quality.

You have strong smelling bright yellow urine and you had tender nipples for a few days but you seemed to have had your period at the usual time could you still be pregnant?

strong smelling urine which is very yellow in color is often a sign of a urinary tract infection, and tender nipples are fairly common during a period. there is a possibility that you could still be pregnant but typically pregnancy causes you period to be very oddly off schedule if it doesn't stop i (MORE)

Why is your urine bright yellow in the morning?

In the morning when urine is a yellowish color, that signifies thatthe body has not consumed water during the night. If urine remainsyellow throughout the day, that is a sign of dehydration.

What causes bright yellow vomit?

From eating something rotten or something your not supposed to eat. it does not not mean you are dieing, it is just that your tummy has nothing else to vomit

Does it mean your pregnant when your pee is bright yellow?

No this means you have usually drank too much soda, coffee, or tea. It could also mean you have a urinary track infection or a bladder infection. If you have something like burning or painful urination go seek a doctors attention.

What is in bright yellow and bright blue extacy?

You can never be sure unless you buy a drug testing kit. Composition of ecstasy pills change depending on where you live and what year they were made in. There are a lot of different illegal labs, and each lab has it's own composition for ecstasy pills. For more information, check out http://www. (MORE)

I'm about 4 weeks pregnant and had bright red blood like my period. ive done another test and it says im still pregnant is everything ok still or have i miscarraged?

hi their. usually a few women exprience light bleeding during their pregnancy.....this shows that the egg is implanting itself in the uterus lining...(the thing that breaks down when u have a peroid) usually this bleeding last 1-3 days so u should be ok.... if your pregnant you cant come on aperoi (MORE)

Why is the sun bright yellow?

The sun is bright yellow because of the chemical reaction of gasesthat occur every second of every day. the fire and flames that areproduced by the sun are almost 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is bright yellow snot?

sinus infection . Probably right, but do not take any OTC drugs without doctors OK if you are pregnant. Also make sure you are getting your 6-8 8oz glasses of water{don't count milk, juice or soda etc.] This will help thin secretions.

What does it mean if you have your period for 2 weeks and it is bright red with blood clots?

It can mean a variety of things. I dealt with this problem for 2 years, having heavy periods and large clots lasting for weeks. I finally had enough and went in for testing. They told me that because of a hormone deficiency my uterus prepares itself for a baby every month and makes the lining extrem (MORE)

What causes bright yellow snot?

Most likely it is a sinus infection. You will need to call your doctor and possibly get some anti-biotic. Also while your there they can probably run some tests to ensure that it is in fact a sinus infection and nothing more serious. Your body could probably fight it off on its own but the doctor is (MORE)

What does bright yellow sweat mean?

it means you should probably see a doctor... but I would probably guess you ate something that was coloured yellow or maybe green. For example beets (coloured red) colour people`s urine.

Bright red spotting 14 days after period?

Some women experience some spotting at ovulation. If you had unprotected sex in the days leading up to the 14th day, you could be pregnant. Have a test done if your period doesn't come or you had unprotected sex and are worried.

Why would I have bright red bleeding day 7 after period?

I'm not sure, but go to the doctor. I once had my period for about a month and a half straight! Without stopping! I went through a whole pad about every 7 minutes. You need to go to the doctor and ask them about it. Also, you should ask for some blood tests just to make sure you have not lost too mu (MORE)

What is bright red blood after your period?

It is just new blood, you get the dark blood often? Which is the older blood. But yes, it is just new fresh blood, you know when you get a cut on you knee is somewhere? You then get a scab and it's just as it se scab has come of and then you get the fresh blood. I hope this helped.

What crystals are bright yellow?

Mouldy crystals. They are the most rare crystals in the world. First a bear has to vomit on it, then a fox has to poo on it and a dog has to wee on it then to finish this amazing glory a human being has to consume and poo out the remains. This how you get bright yellow crystals. :D

What is a bright yellow stone called?

Depending on how intense the yellow colour is, the stone could be glass, a yellow sapphire, a fancy yellow diamond, lemon yellow citrine, yellow tourmaline or something else. Take your stone to a local gemologist, who can help you identify the stone.

Is bright red blood and pain normal during your period?

Yes, sometimes your blood will be bright red and other times it will be more of a brown colour. It is also completely normal to have pain , especially of the cramp sort. Don't worry if you are having pain just try to relax or sometimes exercise helps. If the pain is excessive then it may be a g (MORE)

Why is grass a bright yellow?

Well it is the light. IT comes down to the earth like a curse and then bam. the grass is yellow. comment-"Dude,that is awesome" -wetgamer453

How do you make a bright yellow?

well, green mixed with red makes the color yellow. If you already have the color yellow, and if you want to make the color lighter, than just mix some white into it Improved Answer: The previous answer applies to RGB additive light mixtures for computer screens and lighting. When mixing paints a (MORE)

Why is your period a bright red orange color?

Because it is basically blood. A woman's body will react oddly and release an egg. When it finds out there isn't any sperm, it exits her body with a few other unneeded substances, like blood. There is my explanation.

What does it mean when your period is bright red?

That is what a normal period looks like. It's the fresh blood after the uterus wall is removed. The blood can also be rust colored when it starts to dry up and almost black in the beginning when it's old.

What spider is bright yellow with some red and white coloring on it?

Some Jumping Spiders and Crab Spiders are yellow with some red and white markings at the back. They are small, the biggest one I seen was 0.5cm-1.5cm long. I never seen a crab spider before but I bet they are the same size. If they are going to fight, the jumping spider would have 90% chance of winn (MORE)

Is it normal to have bright red blood durning your period?

Yes, it's completely normal to have bright red blood duringmenstruation. You may also sometimes have brown or pink flow (aka'spotting'), darker red blood, bits of uterine lining in your flow,discharge, and mucus. All of this is perfectly normal.