Why oestrogen and progesterone are used in oral contraceptives?

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They are the two main hormones regulating the menstrual cycle and fertility.
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What are oral progesterone drops used for?

There may be a variety of uses, but progesterone drops are typically used as a supplement to balance estrogen if a woman's body is progesterone deficient. In some instances, p

What is the difference between the functions of oestrogen and progesterone?

Oestrogen: A- Make changes in girls body as she starts to develop into adults. B- Causes the lining of uterus to thicken. progesterone: A- Produce by covpus leteum. B- Inc
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What is an oral contraceptive used for?

Oral contraceptives are taken by females through their mouths to prevent pregnancy. They contain the hormones Estrogen and Progestin which prevent the egg from fully developin