Why would someone crave spicy food?

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Ayurvedic medicine will give you good answers to this question. Most medics believe that cravings are your body's way of telling you what it needs; if you crave spicy foods, it could be that you are lacking specific herbs etc found in this type of food.
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Why would someone have cravings for burnt matches and is it bad for you?

The aroma coming from a freshly struck match is the rapid oxidation of sulfur and phosphorus. While the fumes from the smoke may smell pleasant to some, intentional inhalation of accumulated smoke particles could eventually damage the lungs. There is talk about why the incidence of lung cancer is le (MORE)

Why would someone crave vinegar after being sick from excessive vomiting?

To my knowledge this would be a matter of acidity in the stomach. When excessive vomiting occurs there is a loss of acid and your body will try to produce more. Ingesting it however, in the form of consuming vinegar may be a faster way of getting the acid level back up. Thus, the craving of vinegar. (MORE)

Why would someone crave dirt?

Answer . \nThere is a name for the craving of dirt or clay. It's called Pica - the craving for non-food items. The specific causes of Pica are unknown but it is widely believed to be caused by an iron deficiency. I would strongly suggest that you avoid this craving and go see your doctor to h (MORE)

Is spanish food spicy?

Some are, like salsa. Usually people make Mexican food spicy or not. There are foods with jalapenos in it, which can make it spicy.

Why would someone crave onions?

Do you crave onions, garlic, cabbage or broccoli? . You may have a sluggish or overloaded liver. These foods contain high levels of sulfur, which help improve liver function. A sluggish liver cannot work properly to help break down toxins or keep hormones in balance. Toxins can accumulate from eith (MORE)

Does spicy food causes pimples?

it a;ll depends on the person. but usually no spicy food does not cause acne. but tom likes to take franks red hot sauce on his dick and have tim lick it off but the sauce gives tom pimples on his dick

How do you get spicy foods to be less spicy?

Vinegar (in moderation) tends to cut the heat a bit. Milk products and sugar do as well, but may change the taste or consistency of what you are making to too great a degree.

Is Korean food spicy?

Korean food is very very spicy s. It's really stuns your tongue when you first try it, even stomach ache, but as you get used to it you cannot stop it. You should try Mugyodong Nagji~! ^^;;;;; also, Spicy Chicken. Most mainly used spices in Korean food are red pepper, chillies pouder, galic and salt (MORE)

Why would someone crave sour things?

anything sour contains large quantities of acid. when our body feel lack of certain nutrition for proper functionality it sends signal to brain. sour things contain vitamin C which is good for immunity.

Does spicy food increase metabolism?

It is said that spicy food will increase metabolism. Apparently,the spice raises the body temperature, which helps to raisemetabolism. This in turn burns calories faster.

Why is Indian food spicy?

\n. \nIndians believe in the 'fire' component of the nature which has to be adequately respresented in the body.\n. \nThe spice functions as the heat giving element of the food which is ultimately ingested in the human body.\n. \nyepp

How do you make spicy food?

what you do is you buy tons of etra hot chili pepers. Then you put them in the dish you want to be hot. don't ad : intergalactic cow poo red lepracons or ugly peopes toenails. anything else goes.. Ps don't add anything poisonus. Answer:. Spicy food has several formulations: Curry can be spicy (es (MORE)

Why do Mexicans eat spicy foods?

It is a custom inherited from the ancient Mesoamerican peoples that lived in Mexico six thousand years ago. These cultures "domesticated" the chili and used it to spice-up their foods, which were composed of ingredients such as maize, beans and squash mixed with turkey, shrimp or fish meats. The Azt (MORE)

Why would you have a craving for spicy foods?

Usually....... Usually when you are craving spicy foods you are pregnant.. If you are not pregnant and are still craving spicy food, you probably had a some a while ago and your body just saw it or got an old taste of it and wants more.....so if your body craves it. Go get some spicy food!!. Whil (MORE)

Why would someone have a craving for paper?

Well because the mind of the human body craves for one reason, it sounds good.So this might mean since the lady or man is probably rich or fat. If rich it means they eat alot of nice good tasting food so they just might want to take a break. A fat person because they are on a diet. And any one else (MORE)

Why would someone Crave food right after waking up?

They probably haven't eaten the night before, so when they wake up, they are hungry, or they have been thinking about a certain food all night, and when they wake up, they suddenly remember and want to have that food.

What food is the most spicy?

The most spicy food to Mexicans is a mix of red and greenhomemade sauce in enchiladas with red sauce, sauteed in a pan withthree jalapenos. This dish is called "A La Mane". Wasabi is alsovery spicy.

Why do spicy foods taste hot?

The capsaicinoids in chilli bind to a receptor in the lining of the mouth. This is the same receptor that registers pain from heat, thus the effect is a burning feeling.

Is Puerto Rico food spicy?

No. They mainly use saffron, culantro, oregano, cilantro, garlic, black pepper, olive oil, vinegar and adobo which its a seasoned salt.

Why does spicy food make you poop?

Eating spicy food is kind of like sinning. You eat it because it is awesome, but you know there will be consequences. spicy foods can cause the veins of the rectum to become inflamed or dilated and can cause pain. It can also irritate the intestines if you are not use to eating spicy food regularly (MORE)

Why is spicy food spicy?

a defense mechanism of the plants, trying to protect its seeds. the spicy you feel is called capsaicin

Why do people like not spicy food?

well some people dont like it because some people have a more soft parts in the tonge or throat and somtimes the spicy food is to much

Why would someone crave ice?

According to the Mayo Clinic (see related link below), craving ice can be a sign of anaemia. Pica , which is the medical term to describe constant cravings for substances with no nutritional value, such as ice, dirt or paper, tends to be associated with iron deficiency anemia. However, it can al (MORE)

Why does someone crave raw onions?

Onions contain Vitamin B,C, and minerals. They are of the garlic family and supply many of the benefits of garlic. Possibly you do not have proper amounts of these in your diet and your body craves more. From time to time, we all develop cravings for certain foods. One man's favorite was an onion (MORE)

Do dogs like spicy food?

I have found that like people some like spicy food and some don't. I found out both of my dogs love spicy food when one day I was cutting up Jalapeños and I accidentally dropped a piece. Before I could pick it up my boy ate it and started begging for more. About one year later I gave him a small (MORE)

Does bill like spicy food?

Not so sure if he likes spicy food but he loves junk food, pasta, pizza & candy :) he doesn't really eat meat or vegetables.

Do argentineans like spicy food?

Argentineans food consists of many different cultures including Spanish, Italian, Mediterranean and Arabic. So what I'm saying is some foods are spicy and other not so much or not at all.

What are some kind spicy food?

Some kinds of spicy food are hot wings, hot sauce, jalapenos, some meats, and even some dishes including red beans and quesidillas. These are only some of the few spicy foods that are out there!

Why would someone crave cottage cheese?

youre probably pregnant. I was pregnant once, what a mistake that was! but don't worry I took take of the little bugger....but anyways, when I was pregnant for that month or so I had an intense craving for cottage cheese. It haunted my dreams, i thought of it when I was awake, I couldn't focus on an (MORE)

Why should you avoid spicy food?

Yuo shouldn't totally avoid spicy food because it's good to have a varied diet. But only occaisionally because spicy food is normally very high in fat and sugars so it will make you fat if you eat too much! Also it can sometimes give you an upset tummy.

When your craving to have a relationship with someone is it lusting?

By definition yes, said person could be lusting to be in a relationship. Lusting can be defined as, a strong desire for something. So if you crave being in a relationship and have a strong desire for it, or the person you want to be with, then yes you could call it lusting. It doesn't always have to (MORE)

Why do you get food cravings?

Food cravings happen because your body needs a nutrient it is not receiving. For example: 1. You crave chocolate. Your body needs magnesium. Eat foods like fruits, nuts, seeds and vegetables. 2. You crave sugary foods. Your body needs chromium, phosphorus and carbon. Eat fruits, broccoli, spinach (MORE)

What is spicy food?

It is food that tastes lovely but sort of burns your tongue when you try it, if you are trying it for the first time, a glass of water is advised. :)

Is spicy food harmful to dogs?

You should never give an animal spicy food. It is not strictly harmful, but it can cause discomfort andunwellness. Spicy food will cause stomach upsets and digestive complicationsfor a dog that can last over a week. Not even humans can properly digest spicy food. Have you noticed anincrease in toil (MORE)

Why you crave food?

People crave food because of survivalinstincts. If people never felt hungry, they would starve todeath.