Will there be any health problems for the baby if you get pregnant by withdrawal method?

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no there shouldn't be any health concerns many women get pregnant using this method
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If the withdrawal method is used and the period is missed by 2 days but still cramping as if it might show at any time could you be pregnant?

You could be pregnant the withdrawal method has a 85% failure rate within the first year of use meaning 85 out of 100 couples who use this method will become pregnant within o

Getting pregnant using the withdrawal method?

The chances of a woman conceiving after using the pull out method are around 4% if done correctly. If done incorrectly and the man does not pull out before he starts to ejacu

Is withdrawal method can cause psychological problem?

I'm not sure what would cause psychological problems and for who. The man for not getting to ejaculate inside of her? No, that will not cause mental problems. Worrying about g