You are a thirteen year old boy and your penis is small except when you have and erection what should you do?

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just wait and it will eventually grow in size drop and become redder and wider
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Is it normal for a thirteen year old boy to shave his penis?

Answer . its your body do what ever you want with it. im 15 i do every so often and many of my friends do to.. Decide it yourself , it's ur body ! And u like it without ha

How big should a penis be for a thirteen year old?

As big as it is. Everyone is different so don't bother about how big other boys are, just be happy with what you have. At thirteen you still have some growing to do anyway so

What should a thirteen year old girl get a thirteen year old boy for his birthday?

Well, you sould get him something that he really really likes ether he talks about it all the time or like when he talks he's always saying how much he wishes he had it if its

Is a 6 inch erected penis good or bed for a thirteen year old boy?

That is neither good nor bad. It is the exact average for someone your age Actually the average for a 13 year old is 4-5 inches so yes your penis pretty large for your age.

How old should a thirteen year old boy weight?

An "average" 13 year old boy would weigh around 100 lbs, with a range of maybe 85 to 135 lbs. But there's really no such thing as "average." It depends on his height. A tall 1