You were given a morning sickness medication in 1973 that was later found to cause miscarriages in adult women of the mothers who took this medication what was the name?

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DES, or diethystilbestrol, was a medication given to women to reduce the risk of miscarriage, and was later found to be associated with reproductive system problems in the children of those women who took it.
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What medication can cause a miscarriage?

Certain prescription and/or over­the­counter drugs are associated with fetal abnormalities and miscarriages. Consult your doctor before taking any medication when you are pregnant or trying to conceive. Some drugs can damage the fetus and cause miscarriage before you even know you are pregnant.

Is no morning sickness a sign of probable miscarriage?

Answer: . Actually, no. 25% of pregnant women do not experience morning sickness, and have entirely normal pregnancies. Most women who do not have morning sickness go full term without miscarriages. There are a few studies that show that having no morning sickness can be correlated to a higher incidence of miscarriage, but there are equal numbers of studies that say that there is no relationship between the two. Many people have said that morning sickness is an indication that the pregnancy is healthy, but nothing proves that lack of having it can be linked to having something going wrong, either. . Get regular prenatal checks and talk to your health care professional to be sure that all is going well, and do not let yourself worry over something that probably means nothing, and for which many women would envy you.. Other information from WikiAnswers contributors: . Well, of course all women are different. But having morning sickness is my trademark. When I didn't have morning, afternoon or night sickness like with my other pregnancies, I did worry. I miscarried at 5 weeks. . Lots of women don't have morning sickness. . I didn't have it with either of my pregnancies. First time 'round I felt a little nauseated and off my food in the evenings. Second time 'round (with twins) I had no nausea at all. . It is absolutely correct that each woman is different, and may or may not have nausea or vomiting associated with being pregnant. I had it off and on, morning, afternoon, or night, throughout one pregnancy, and none at all with my other ones!

What is the name given to the medical disorder that Stephen Glass suffered from and caused him to compulsively lie in his articles and employment at the New Republic?

Answer . Steven Glass hasn't been diagnosed by a therapist so one could not pin-point or should not second-guess what type of person he is or what his character faults are. It's obvious he has a need to be recognized, is a compulsive liar, egomaniacal, needy, and to round things off has signs of a narcissistic personality and that much is true because of the interview he gave (below). Glass has been quoted as saying that he just wanted people to notice him and to pat him on the back for a job well done. Although he didn't have the sense to realize he couldn't lie forever and he caused terrible harm to many important people's reputations one has to realize how clever this young man is. He's clever like a fox! I do admire him for that, but, he's ruined his entire career by the malady(s) he possesses. The sad thing is he could have been a great article writer if he had given himself half a chance, but he reached for the stars before he was ready so he lied about people in most of the articles he wrote to reach those stars sooner. Here is a good article about the man:\n. \nStephen Glass: I Lied For Esteem\n. \nAug. 17, 2003\n. \nStephen Glass has written a novel about his life called

Is there any medications that will cause a miscarriage.?

Plan B DOESN'T cause a miscarriage! It prevents ovulation, thereby also preventing pregnancy. Which is why it has to be taken within 5 days of unprotected sex., though more effective within 3 days. . Answer . Yes. In the U.S. one such medication is called "plan b"

What is the name of the recently approved medication for canine motion sickness?

Answer . It's called CERENIA. New Drug for Doggie Carsickness Approved by FDA By Joy in Dog Products, Dogs and Medicine Thanks to All Headline News for this update.. FDA Approves First Dog Drug To Prevent Motion Sickness In Dogs Nidhi Sharma - All Headline News Staff Writer. Washington D.C. (AHN) - The Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday approved the first dog drug - Cerenia to prevent and treat vomiting in dogs associated with motion sickness. Most dogs get nauseated while they are traveling in a car, which can lead to vomiting and severe dehydration if left untreated.. The new dog drug, which is manufactured by Pfizer, can both be used in tablet and injection form to prevent vomiting associated with motion sickness.. According to FDA reports, an injectable form of the drug, known generically as maropitant citrate has also been approved. It can prevent and treat acute vomiting due to chemotherapy, parvovirus, kidney disease, pancreatitis and other causes. Cerenia tablets and injections are available only through a veterinarian.. Answer: . Pet Natural also makes a travel sickness remedy to help with motion sickness. It's all natural and really works.

What causes morning sickness?

You typically get morning sickness because your body is adjusting to the rising hormones. Once your hormones stabilize, around the second trimester, your body get used to them and your morning sickness fades.

How does pregnancy cause morning sickness?

No one knows for sure but is thought to have something to do withhormones and other changes in the body-possible causes thought toinclude: . Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). Thishormone rises rapidly during early pregnancy. No one knows how hCGcontributes to nausea, but it's a prime suspect because the timingis right: Nausea tends to peak around the same time as levels ofhCG. What's more, conditions in which women have higher levels ofhCG, such as carrying multiples, are associated with higher ratesof nausea and vomiting. . Estrogen. This hormone, which also risesrapidly in early pregnancy, is another suspect. (It's possible thatother hormones play a role as well.) . An enhanced sense of smell and sensitivity toodors. It's not uncommon for a newly pregnant woman tofeel overwhelmed by the smell of a bologna sandwich from fourcubicles away, for example. Certain aromas instantly trigger thegag reflex. (Some researchers think this may be a result of higherlevels of estrogen, but no one knows for sure.) . A sensitive stomach. Some women'sgastrointestinal tracts are simply more sensitive to the changes ofearly pregnancy. Also, some research suggests that women with astomach bacterium called Helicobacter pylori are morelikely to have nausea and vomiting. Not all studies confirm thislink, though. . Stress. Some researchers have proposed thatcertain women are psychologically predisposed to having nausea andvomiting during pregnancy as an abnormal response to stress.However, there's no conclusive evidence to support this theory. (Ofcourse, if you're constantly nauseated or vomiting a lot, youcertainly may begin to feel more stressed!)

Do all women get morning sickness?

No, not all women get morning sickness. The symptoms of pregnancy are different with each and every person. I had morning sickness with all of my pregnancy's but my mom didn't have morning sickness with any of hers. So you may or may not experience it. Every woman's body is different and some can't handle the changes in hormone levels which causes pregnant women to feel sick. Other women can take to the changes very well and hardly have any problems with their pregnancy. No. Morning sickness is quite common, but not universal.

What medications might cause you to have a miscarriage?

Some home remedies that may cause miscarriage during pregnancy are: . Thyme . Rosemary . High levels of garlic . Peppermint . Parsley . Nutmeg. Juniper. There are quite a few other essential oils which are not advisable to use during pregnancy.

What is the cause of coughing in dogs and what medication can be given?

Unless there is something lodged in the dog's throat or is choking (see a vet ASAP), most dog coughs are an infection called "kennel cough." A vet can help you treat kennel cough--and there are vaccines that work against some kinds of it. Don't expose a coughing dog to other dogs to prevent the spread of the infection. Some dogs get allergies, and the cough could be related to that as well. A vet will help you figure out if your dog has allergies.

What medications are used for adult ADHD?

The same medications used to treat childhood ADHD are used in adults. The most commonly prescribed treatment are a type of drugs called pscyhostimulants which include Ritalin and Adderall. Please see related question.

What is the medical Term meaning DNC after miscarriage?

More correctly known as a D and C meaning dilatation and curettage, it's a surgical procedure that literally scrapes out the uterus, removing the remnents of the aborted fetus' amniotic sac and other uteral material of the pregnancy.

What are pain medications given in hospitals?

Ibuprofen, a Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflamatory Drug (or NSAID) is probably the premier painkilling medication at this time.. Others include:. Acetominiplen . Ultram (tramadol) . Codiene . Vicodin (Hydrocodone) . Oxycontin (oxycodone) . Demerol (meperidine) . Morphone Sulfate (MS) . Benzocaine/lidocaine -- topical or by injection . Also, anti-inflamatories include:. Prednisone . Toradol . Naproxin . various NSAIDs

Is there medical evidence 2 show if the birth control pill can cause a miscarriage?

\nnot sure if you mean, if someone takes birth control pills, will they be at greater risk to have a miscarriage later in life?\nthe answer to that is no.\n. \nor if someone is pregnant and they take a bunch of birth control pills, will they miscarry?\nthe answer to that is also no.\n. \nif someone is trying to do emergency contraception (meaning they are NOT pregnant but they did have a birth control accident or were raped and it is within 5 days) then they can take like 4 birth control pills now and 4 in 12 hours and try to prevent pregnancy. BUT it is better to take Plan B which has less side effects and works better if you can get it.\n. \nPlan B is over the counter to men/women 18 and older. and minors can get it in certain states directly from the pharmacist, you just have to ask and the pharmacist has to have signed up to provide such a service.

Can injectable medication be given intravenously?

Well the terms you use are not of the same subgroup. What I mean is that there are several methods of injection or infusion , including: . Intradermal - between layers of the skin . Subcutaneous - just under the skin . Intramuscular - into the muscle . Intravenous - into the vein/artery . Intraosseous - into the marrow of the bone . Intraperitoneal - into a body cavity . Therefore, an injectable medication can be given intravenously depending on which route it normally takes. Sometimes drugs can be administered though few of the different routes however more often it cannot be for various reasons. For example, intraosseous injection introduces pharmological compounds into the blood-brain barrier directly, often used when the drug cannot cross the barrier or breaks down far to quick in the normal systemic circulation. Therefore an intraosseous drug administered intravenously may not reach its target site and be rendered useless. Of those that can be administered in more than one way, subcutaneous and intramuscular injections can often be interchanged, as well as sometimes intramuscular and intravenous, although one must always be careful of the nuances of the specific substance to be administered.

What can cause morning sickness if your not pregnant?

Could be something simple, such as hunger, anxiety, or gas; or it could be a stomach problem like acid reflux -there are numerous reasons. If it doesn't subside, see your doctor. If you were experiencing morning sickness due to pregnancy, you would probably be able to tell the difference- it is a very distinct type of nausea.

How do I medicate a sick guppy?

The usual cause of sickness in fish is bad water conditions. First do a water change ASAP then stick to the basic fishkeeping rules. Your fish will get better very quicky in good clean water. :- 1 inch of fish needs a minimum of 1 gallon of water. :- Every tank needs a permanently running cycled filter. :- Every tank needs at least 50% of its water changed every week. Keep the above rules and your fish stand a chance. Fail in any of them and I can guarantee that you will have constant health problems with your fish.

Medication given for coughs and colds?

There are mostly cough and cold preparations for symptomatic relief such as antihistamines, cough syrups, inhalers or lozenges. However these medications are soinly symptomatic, only lasting for 6- 24 hours. There is a natural supplement for cough and colds. This natural supplement is Sinus Eliminato Complex. Sinus Eliminato complex is made up of Carpinus Betulus (Hornbeam) buds, Rosa Canina (Dog Rose) young shoots, Sambucus Nigra (Black Elder) buds, Populus Nigra (Black Poplar), Ribes Nigrum (Black Currant) and Juglans Regia (Wlanut) buds. Fecka (2009) has isolated tannins and polyphenols from Rosa Canina. Polyphenols act as antioxidants. They protect cells and body chemicals against damage caused by free radicals, reactive atoms that contribute to tissue damage in the body. In addition, polyphenols also activate the key enzyme (AMP kinase) that can exert an anti-inflammatory effect by inhibiting the activation of inducible inflammatory proteins that normally occurs once the innate immune system has been activated. A study done by Roschek et al (2009) has shown that Sambucus Nigra (Black Elder) has flavonoids which bind to and prevent H1N1 infection. Also contained in Sinus Eliminato are a variety of plant growth hormones and vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin D, which can certainly fight off infection and boost immune resistance during the cold months! Sinus Eliminato Complex can be purchased at PSC Nutrition's website:

Can you get sick from smoking marijuana when your on medication?

As far as I know, there is not a single drug or medication that is dangerous to take with marijuana. Marijuana is neither a stimulant nor a depressant, but a mild hallucinogen, and so it does not affect your heart and central nervous system the way most other drugs do. It may be harmful if you are due to have anesthesia, and for testing of your heart or lungs.

What is the medical name given to hysterical over breathing?

The name for over breathing is hyperventilation, and could be attributed to panic attacks. Hyperventilation is caused by prolonged and rapid breathing that results in a significant rise in oxygen levels and a decrease in carbon dioxide levels. Hyperventilation can create faintness and tingling in the fingers and toes and in extreme cases can lead to loss of consciousness (fainting) or respiratory alkalosis; a condition bought on by low levels of carbon dioxide and in which the body fluids have excess base (alkali) Hyperventilation can be treated by simply breathing into a paper bag. This will create an increased intake of carbon dioxide and in doing so, level out excess levels of oxygen.

Why can fetal cardiac dysrhythmia be treated with medication given to the mother?

Because whatever the mother puts in her body will be transferred over to the baby. The umbilical cord is like an extension cord dining from the mother to the baby transferring blood oxygen and sustenance. So when the mother takes the drugs they enter her blood stream and will be pumped to the baby through the umbilical cord. This is the same reason you should not smoke drink alcohol or take drugs your doctor does not tell you to take.

What medication causes miscarriages?

So many drugs are blamed as abortion causing agents. But they do not cause abortion without seriously doing harm to the mother. Only abortion pills which contain mifepristone and misoprostol are used to cause abortion in early pregnancy.

Why are medications given subcutaneously?

Some meds, like insulin, cannot be swallowed as it won't allow for absorption in the stomach. Giving meds "subQ" will ensure the medicine is absorbed into the system.

Do most women have morning sickness?

A lot of women do experience morning sickness which is basically feeling nauseated. Don't let the name fool you its not just in the morning, it can happen anytime of the day.

Why are preoperative medications given?

Preoperative medications are given for various reasons. Many times, antibiotic medications are given prior to surgery to prevent infection. Once antibiotics are in a person's body, there is less risk for infection after surgery since the body is able to more effectively "fight off" bacteria with the antibiotic in the circulatory system during and after surgery. Other preoperative medications can be given, but antibiotics are the most common. In many cases, doctors will actually request a patient to stop taking medications prior to surgery rather than begin taking medications. (This is the case with blood thinners like Coumadin or aspirin.)

Can medications cause miscarriages?

Some can which is why you always have to double check with your doctor before you take anything. Some will damage the fetus but not make you miscarry.

What are the specific medications given to diabetics?

The generic names are: Glyburide Glipizide Glimepiride Chlorpropamide Rosiglitazone Pioglitazone Metformin Repaglinide Acarbose Miglitol The brand names are: Diabinese Glucotrol Glucotrol XL Glucophage Amaryl Avandia Actos Prandin There are many other brand & generic drugs used in diabetes. Insulin shots are also given like Humulin, Novolog and many others. Diabetes treatment is a very individualized treatment for specific patient due to complications and how well each patient responds to a drug. So many patients are on different combinations and different drugs.

What medications are given for schizophrenia?

Most schizophrenia is treated with lithium, which basically slows the brains higher processes down, as schizophrenia seems to be caused by the brain working much too quickly. Depending on the age of the patient, severity of the symptoms, and other outside factors, the medication and dosage changes.

Is pain medication given for fybromyalgia?

Yes, medication is given against the pain of fybromyalgia from medical doctors. It should be clear, that medication has nothing to do with *healing*, it is just suppressing the symptoms.

Could medication have you sick?

yes it can because my mom has to take medication because she got in an accident and she is very sick she has to go to the bathroom every few minutes. that's all I can tell you.

Why are medications given at set intervals?

It could be that it does its best work and see the result at a certain time of day it also depends on when the patient needs to take the medication for it to do the best job for the medication to what time during the day or evening or afternoon plus makes a difference on the dosage and how many you take of each medication.

What medications are given for labor pain?

A narcotic is delivered into the space outside the membranesurrounding your spine. This is called an epidural and is oftenused to provide continuous pain relief to the lower part of yourbody while allowing you to remain fully conscious. In some cases narcotics such as fentanyl or demerol and a sedativesuch as phenergan may be used during the first stage of labor tohelp with relaxation.