Your 3 year old son has seizures and dont care when he sits in a dirty diaper is this common?

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GeekIsLuv says, Has seizures? No... no, I don't think that's common. I don't know any three year olds that have seizures frequently. I'd see a doctor or something about that; I can't find any information about seizures that says they AREN'T caused by something in the brain. As for the dirty diaper? I wouldn't worry about that too much. At three, I'd say it's still alright to be indifferent about messy drawers. Sitting in a soiled diaper at 3 years old is not uncommon. Seizures-get this boy to a doctor NOW. ~ It is actually a little more common if he has autism. Although my autistic sister didn't have seizures until she was 5, many autistic children will suffer from siezures in their lifetime. But I agree you should get the boy to a doctor.
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