Your baby has RSV when should you Take them to the hospital?

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If your child has been diagnosed with RSV (respiratory synctial virus), clinical indications to take the child to the ER are: 1. was a former premie 2. is displaying a respiratory rate of > 50 breaths a minute 3. is manifesting great effort in breathing by having the chest/neck muscles cave in with each inspiration 4. is grunting or, 5. the baby looks sicker than you are comfortable with.
For our 3 month old born full term diagnosed with RSV, there were a few additional indicators he was in respiratory distress that we wish our dr had told us to look for. Firstly, he got lethargic and a bit limp - a sure sign that he was not getting enough oxygen. We mistook this for him just being tired because he did shortly thereafter fall asleep. But in hindsight we now know his O2Sat rate was probably dangerously low. Though we didn't know it, puting our baby to bed put him at further at risk because O2 naturally drops even further when you sleep anyway.
In addition to having more than 50 breaths a minute (which you can assess by putting your hand on his belly to count - hard to do if, as in our case, baby is coughing a lot) our baby's entire belly was caving in with each breath. Watch baby's belly button and see if it goes up and down sharply with each breath to know if he is having to work too hard to get air. You may also see his ribs with each inhalation.
If you have any doubt, don't be scared to go to the ER, preferably a children's hospital if you have one nearby, as an adult hospital is not as equiped to handle infants. They should check his O2 and pulse rate, and put him on O2 if it's low. If they don't admit him but his o2 is dropping and staying in the 80's. either go somewhere else or get them to write an RX for O2 at home.
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What should you bring to the hospital when you go to have your baby?

Answer . Bring comfortable loose fitting clothes to wear home, footie socks for when in labor, rubber soled slippers and a robe. If aroma therapy is an option some lotion that smells really good. For the baby an outfit and a blanket and a car seat. I found my own pillow helped also.

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What is rsv?

RSV stands for respiratory syncytial virus, the most frequent cause of serious respiratory tract infections in infants and children younger than 4 years of age. RSV causes nasal stuffiness and discharge, cough, and sometimes ear infections.

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Can a hospitalized baby contract MRSA?

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What should you bring to the hospital for baby?

Im am pregnant and due March 28th and in my diaper bag i have packed 3 plain white onzies, 2 gowns, a cute outfit for the picture, about 3 pairs of socks, 3 newborn diapers, 3 size one diapers, pacifires, hand sanitizer and lotion, and two baby blankets.

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Even adults are sometimes advised to take baby aspirin. It's slightly weaker than normal aspirin, and may suit certain situations better.

At what temperature should you take your child to hospital?

if he has flu like symptoms try not to give anything expect a cool bath, exept if the temp gets to be 103 or above, this give a chance for the child to fight off the flu naturally and get out what they need to get out. If it keeps raising then give tylonal or motrin. keep an eye on the temp and if i (MORE)

How long should an expectant mother stop smoking weed before her baby is born so the baby can pass a drug test at the hospital?

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When you choose to give birth in a hospital, you would usually give birth in a birth suite. The birth suit is generally centered around a bed, but would also contain equipment for helping in the delivery of your baby such as birthing ball or birthing stool. It may also home medical equipment used fo (MORE)

Your 6 year old son has a fever of 102.9 when should you take him into the hospital?

I was told that if your child has a fever of 104 for 4 consecutive hours while using fever reducer medication (tylenol/motrin) and the meds are not bringing it down then you should take them to the er. My 6 yr old has a fever of 103.6 and the meds reduce it. Just keep your child loaded with fluids s (MORE)

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How do i know when to go to hospital to have my baby?

. Your water may or may not break until you are fully dialated that's something you see in the movies. If your water breaks then yes, call your doctor. Don't call your doctor every day, you will see them once a week. Your body will know when it's time to go, but to not get sent back home you should (MORE)

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My 25 lb. baby is taking 6.5 ml twice a day for 10 days. Hope thishelps. If you are giving amoxicillin (penicillin) to a baby, then it musthave been prescribed by a doctor including dosage information.Follow the doctor's instructions. Do not medicate a baby withprescription drugs meant for someone (MORE)

What should you take with you to the hospital when your having a baby?

depending on where you live at most hospitals have diapers and wipes for the couple day stay so you should bring clothes for you to go home him nothing tight u will have alot of pain down below.. baby clothes maybe like 3 or 4 outfits incase it pees through the cloths.. baby powder or whatever else (MORE)

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When should babies take baths after birth?

Depending on climatic conditions the answer will differ. In tropical countries it can be given immediately but in cold climate new born baby is susceptible to getting cold. Evan if you bath the baby with hot water. After bathing please see that baby is dry or else heat for vaporization will be taken (MORE)

What does rsv stand for in rsv virus?

RSV stands for Respiratory Syncytial Virus, and involves viral infections in the upper respiratory tract. This affects both childen and adults. Bronchiolitis is the most common ailment in the RSV family.