Your son has a low white blood cell count it was 3.4 what does this mean?

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Some infections can occasionally cause a low white cell count. Repeat the count regularly. If it returns to normal no need to worry. If the child also has anemia or low platelet count other investigations will be needed.
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What causes low white blood cell counts?

Answer . Some types of cancer, anemia, immune system disorders, etc. This doesn't mean you have any of these. Doctors are the ones that should be diagnosing this and it's only second-guessing otherwise.

What does it mean when you have a low white blood cell count?

When the WBC count falls below the normal range, it is usually anindication of an underlying disease. The symptoms depend on theunderlying-cause. Some people experience a fall in their WBC countand experience no symptoms. However, for most people, leucopeniacauses a range of symptoms, as if you have (MORE)

What does a 314 white blood cell count mean?

It would be helpful to know what the units of measure are. In hematology, the reference range for a WBC is 4,500-11,000/mm 3 ; however, the count is usually reported out in SI units ( for example, 4.5 x 10 9 /L) or Conventional Units (4.5 x 10 3 /uL). So, on a lab report, a range of 4.5-11.0 is th (MORE)

Why would you have a low white blood cell count?

Normal white blood cell count is about 4.3 to 8.10. White blood cells can go down from many conditions and certain medications. The main purpose of WBCs is to fight infection so if they are decreased your body may not be able to fight off infections. Some cause include: 1. Viral infections 2. C (MORE)

White blood count low?

are you asking what happens when your white blood count gets low, your white blood cells are what fights off illnesses like the flu.

What does a white blood cell count of 12.5 mean?

A white blood cell (WBC) count of 12.5 may mean that you have anelevated WBC count. Some causes for this can be that WBC productionis increased to fight an infection in the body, or a person has adisorder of the immune system. There can be many other causes.

Your son had a 35000 white blood cell count?

Sometimes an infection can cause such a high white cell count. In that case the count comes after properly treating the infection. If it persists other investigations may be required to find out the cause.

What if your white cell count is low?

If your white blood cell count was low on your blood screening, there are a full range of possibilities. Are you sick? Then that is why. If you are fighting illness, and not being successful (getting sicker) then your white cell count would be low. If you have a low white blood cell count even when (MORE)

What conditions cause low neutrophil and low white blood cell count in tandem?

There seem to be several. A temporary drop can be caused by illness such as influenza, or a bacterial or fungal infection. A continued drop may be caused by autoimmune or bone marrow disorders or possibly illnesses such as TB or HIV. In addition, some vitamin or diet deficiencies (B 12, iron, etc.) (MORE)

What does it mean if you have low red and white blood cell counts and platelet count?

As with any medical prognosis, it depends on the overall condition and health of the person who has the "low" counts, and what "low" means. For example, being "low" by a few cells is probably meaningless, while having substantially "low" counts may indicate any of a number of conditions. So, without (MORE)

What does a increased liver function low white blood cell count and low platelet count mean?

\nIt means something is wrong with your liver. You could have a disease like hepatitis a, b, or c, or liver cancer, or be on chemotherapy or be taking some medicine that affects your liver or have recently eaten something that disagreed with you and made you really sick so the poison has not yet lef (MORE)

What are symptoms of low white blood cell count?

It would be uncommon to accidently discover your white blood cellcount is low in an isolated incident. The doctor would order ablood count when encountering a range of symptoms that would pointto a decreased immune system.

Can an infection cause low white blood cell count?

\n. \n. \nYes, infections can cause low or elevated white blood cells. Viral infections often cause low white blood cell counts. Also, very serious bacterial infections that overwhelm the immune system can cause it as well.

What does raised white blood count and low red blood cells mean?

A raised white blood cell count can mean you have an infection in the body. A low red blood cell count could mean your bone marrow is not creating enough healthy red blood cells, which can lead to not getting enough oxygen circulating throughout the body.

What does it mean when white blood cell count is 1?

Assuming you are referring to a CSF count and not a blood test, it means you likely have no infection. A normal CSF white count ranges from 0-5, varying from person to person, a higher number likely means you have an infection causing a high white count. One is a perfectly normal number (assuming yo (MORE)

Low white blood cell count cause?

Mildy low white blood cell counts are most often indicative of viral infections (even minor ones, such as the common cold - rhinovirus, and many others).

What does it mean if you get a white blood cell count of 18?

Whoever answered this question with "You probably have a disease. Probably AIDS or HIV. Because the normal range for white blood cells 5,000 to 9,000. Well, you're screwed. lol." is a moron. A high WBC does indicate that there is a disease or bacteria that you are fighting, as white blood cells inc (MORE)

What are the causes low white blood cell count?

Neophilia can be the reason you have a low blood count. But there are many reason why you can have a low count. Fighting an infection, loss of WCB due to drugs taken (imuran) (pregnasone).

Is a 2.4 white blood cell count too low?

Yes, I just received news I had a 2.4 reading on my white blood count and the average is normally between 4.8-10.8. It could be a medication you are taking, poor diet, or something else more serious (cancer etc.). I'm not a doctor, but you should really consider going to see one if your that low.

Low white blood count?

Are you asking what a low white blood cell count indicates? If so, a low white count usually means the patient has cancer or a serious infection.

What does it mean when someone is told they have no white blood cell count?

If you had no white cells, you would get lots of very serious infections. White blood cells can find germs that enter your body and destroy them, which keeps them from making you sick. Some white blood cells make antibodies, which are special molecules that can stick to germs and make them harmless. (MORE)

Is 1.2 low for a white blood cell count?

Yes. I am currently in hospital (I have CF) and expecting to be released tomorrow though they said it may not be the case as I have a low blood cell count of 1.2. However, they didn't say there was no chance in going home so it can't be too low, I hope!

What does it mean if white blood cell count is high and lymphosites count is low?

If the White Blood Count is high and you have immature White Blood Cells called Blasts, then it probably means you have ALL; Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. However, if the lymphocytes are low, this can mean anything from Chicken Pox to TB to Measles, Mumps and Rubella. If your Lymphosites count climb (MORE)

What does having a low red blood cell count mean?

Low red blood cell count can result in diseases such as anemia, bleeding, bone marrow failure, kidney disease, and much more. It can also indicate low counts of other nutritional deficiencies like iron.

What does it mean when white blood cell count is low?

When the white blood cell count is less than 4,000 per cubic mm, you are said to have low white blood cell count. You have such low white blood cell count in viral infections, chlamydia infections, rickettsial infections, in malaria and typhoid fever. Incidentally they are all the infections inside (MORE)