How many people die a day in Africa?

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In Africa, 1 child under the age of 5 dies every 3 seconds.
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How many people die a day?

About 250,000 - 300,000 people die per day. Calculations: 7 billion people on earth. Average life expectancy is about 66.12 years ~ 24150 days 7 billion people ÷ 24,150 days is just less than 300k However, life expectancy is increasing, and population isincreasing, so the actual number should be lower than 300k.

How many people die in a day?

More than 150,000 worldwide each day. Around 1,000,000 people die a day from different causes, such as drugs, poverty, murder, suicide and cancer and other related sickness. Take 6,000,000,000 people live on earth today, The average life span of a person is 75 years, So Multiply 75 years * 365.25 days per year=27393.75 days in an average persons life. Answer, Divide 6,000,000,000 by 27393.75 will give you an answer of 219,028 people per day. That is, there are 219,028 people born today, 219,028 that are 1 day old, 219,028 that are 2 days old... all the way up to 219,028 that are a full 27,393.75(75 years old) days old. In this answer, every person on earth lives until they are 75 years old - Average of 75 years.

How many people die each day in Africa?

Answer one in every 60 seconds.......... . i do not think that is it true... well i know that a lot of kids die of starvation some of a sickness so if you add that up that would be about 5-15 kids a day

How many children die from AIDS each day in Africa?

This is a difficult statistic to provide, as some African countries to not track or do not provide HIV and AIDS statistics. According to UNICEF, South Africa was home to 280,000 children under 14 years of age living with AIDS in South Africa in 2007. That is one country out of dozens. The number of children with AIDS in Africa and the number who die every day is a staggering amount.

How many people in Africa die of starvation?

The world is facing a hunger crisis unlike anything it has seen in more than 50 years.925 million people are hungry. Every day, almost 16,000 children die from hunger-related causes. That's one child every five seconds.

How many people die every day in africa?

well, one person in africa dies every three seconds. there are 60x60x24 seconds in a day, equaling 86400 seconds. 86400/3=28800. this is how many people die every day in africa...

How many people are born in Africa every day?

The average number of children born per woman in Africa is 4.2 ~From a 12 yr old girl :) That isn't even remotley close to what the question asks, did you miss the part where it says "born in Africa EVERY DAY?" we don't have time to count every African woman and then ask what second their children was born... according to a CIA world factbook, the rate is approxmately 15.6 babies per minute

How many people die every day in South Africa?

Thousands of people die every day in South America. They die from severe poverty. As a result of their poverty they catch a lot of diseases and are heavy drug users. Living conditions are not the same that the average person here is used to.

How many people die a day'?

There are about 1.5 billion zillion people that die a day in just Iowa alone. If any one is reading this I just made something up because i really don't care about this question. I would sit around counting the people that die, like: Oh there goes another two thousand people, no, i actually spend my days staying active unlike half the population of the world.