If you're 15 and pregnant and the father of the baby is 19 can he go to jail if you have the baby even if your parents are fine with it in South Australia?

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You are very fortunate your parents are "just fine with it" and I doubt that one very much, but they feel there is no other choice, but to accept it all. You are a baby having a baby! What's done is done. Unless your parents form a complaint against him and they accept him as the father of your baby (expecting him to get out and work and help support the child you are having together) then no, he won't go to jail. The only way he could go to jail is if your parents charged him with "Statutory Rape" or he didn't keep his promises and stood by you and helped support that baby. Good luck Marcy Answer No, a minor who is at least 15-years of age, and the partner is no more than 20, can apply the "five year rule" as a viable defense. The fact that the parents are agreeable strengthens the argument makes it impossible for any charges being brought, as long as the 15-years-old swears sexual intercourse was of their own "free will and choice". Answer As long as you parents dont press charges.
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The answer to this question is NO. I personally was in this situation. The answer is NO. Point blank. You can choose not to let him see the baby, but only for so long. It will
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Can the father of your baby go to jail if he is 15 and you are 12?

Yes, there's no "get out of jail free" card for being a father. It would be unusual for a 15-year-old to be sent to jail for longer than a few hours/days (temporary custody