When you see an emergency you should?

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call 911!!
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When should you move a victim in an emergency?

YOu should move a victim if the current environment is dangerous to the victim or to responders. . You may move victims who can tolerate the move to staging or triage areas.

When you see an emergency vehicle responding to an emergency you are required to?

Make sure they can pass by your vehicle. Follow instruction if there is any. If you're in the way : GET OUT OF THE WAY. If you're waiting at a red light, carefully and s

Should you say emerge from or emerge of?

You would used "EMERGE FROM". Here is the reason why. Look at these words and see which are right or wrong. I rose of the chair. I rose from the chair. Right Kayla had

When you see an emergency what should you do?

Take a deep breath -or three- and survey the scene... swivel your head 360 degrees to take in all angles leading toward the area of concern... FIRST Ensure that YOU are